Robert H Cohen M.D. And Breakthrough BoCox™ Treatment

Botox, once a beloved staple of the beauty industry, is now making waves in the world of mens health. This groundbreaking shift lies in a passionate cosmetic surgeon who has been transforming the field of cosmetic surgery: Dr. Robert H. Cohen, M.D.

Dr. Robert H. Cohen began his journey under the guidance of mentors, and today, he gives back by mentoring others; serving as a volunteer faculty member at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA and also acts as an international trainer for the Cellular Medicine Association.

Mentorship is a necessarry process, present in even the most average of success stories.

Robert isn’t your average suregeon though. The masterful Medical Doctor focuses his cosemtic craft on minimally invasive and non-surgical procedures, which are highly effective.

Enhancing Beauty & Revolutionizing Mens Health

Robert H Cohen MD prepares for a Botox treatment wearing a K 95 mask and preparing a syringe.

Botox, long associated with appearances is now offering men an exciting new perspective on their intimate well being. This transition from rejuvenation to beyond cosmetic health highlights Botoxs versatility and its promising medical applications.

Robert H Cohen M.D. 

In cosmetic surgery, Dr. Robert H. Cohen is distinguished not only for his exceptional expertise but also his poignant passion. 

With practices located in Los Angeles, and Beverly Hills, Dr. Cohen has been a pioneer in introducing groundbreaking minimally invasive cosmetic treatments that surpass conventional approaches. His journey, into the field of surgery was inspired by his father—a respected orthopedic surgeon.

Dr. Cohens passion for the field of surgery was ignited through his admiration for fellow Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Bernard Koire and his time spent as a fellow under him.

His approach to surgery embodies a harmonious blend of artistry and medical expertise. With a career spanning over two decades Dr. Cohen has earned recognition for his non surgical procedures, including the renowned “Vambooty” treatment and innovative “Vampire” cosmetic procedures. These treatments utilize the bodys resources setting him apart in the realm of cosmetic surgery.

Introducing BoCox™: Revolutionizing Mens Health

Dr. Cohens revolutionary BoCox™ treatment involves administering Botox injections into the penis offering a range of benefits. By targeting blood vessels and the nervous system BoCox™ provides an approach to traditional treatments. Remarkable results can be seen in little as two weeks with some men reporting noticeable changes in size after undergoing this procedure.

Embracing a Holistic Philosophy in Cosmetic Surgery

Cohens commitment extends beyond his practice as he actively engages in education by teaching at UCLAs school and collaborating with international associations. His involvement also encompasses cutting edge research initiatives where he partners with pharmaceutical companies, within the field of cosmetic medicine.

Dr. Robert H. Cohen, a surgeon shares his insights on longevity and immunity in his book titled SHIELD establishing himself as a respected authority in the field of wellness.

His strong commitment to serving the community is evident through his creation of a clinic seventeen years ago. This clinic provides facial rejuvenation treatments to underserved patients affected by HIV and AIDS. Driven by this dedication he has been recognized with the Paul Starke Warrior Award. Received commendation from the State.

Beyond his work in the operating room Dr. Robert H Cohen, leads a vibrant life outside of his practice. He indulges in sports like hiking and martial arts while cherishing quality time with his family; and he possesses a past as both a junior magician at the elusive and prestigious Magic Castle.

Dr. Cohen envisions a future for cosmetic surgery with advancements in technology. He believes that these advancements will pave the way for invasive yet highly impactful cosmetic procedures. By embracing invasive and noninvasive treatments he anticipates redefining what cosmetic surgeons can achieve—impressive results with minimal downtime and reduced risks.

For individuals interested in exploring invasive and noninvasive cosmetic procedures Dr. Cohens expertise provides a guarantee of top notch quality and groundbreaking advancements. 

In a world where cosmetic surgery is constantly evolving visionaries like Dr. Cohen make sure that the path to achieving goals is just as thrilling, as reaching the final outcome. 

Choosing the right treatment is just as important as choosing the right practioner, and those who choose Dr. Robert H Cohen will instantly know they’re in good hands.

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