5 Ideas for Hosting a Kentucky Derby Themed Party in Your Backyard

The 150th anniversary of the Kentucky Derby is approaching, and people all around Kentucky are beginning to plan parties for the Kentucky Derby. While hosting guests is perfectly acceptable, you can add a little extra excitement to the event by basing it around the Kentucky Derby and its rich history. These ideas are applicable to even casual get-togethers, and they can help you create a memorable party experience.


1- Create a Southern-inspired menu: 

Offer a meal that includes Southern favorites like bourbon meatballs, pecan pie bars, and fried chicken to give your guests a flavor of the South. 

2- Embrace Derby fashion: 

Invite attendees to wear their best Derby outfits, which can include anything from bow ties and large hats to sundresses and seersucker suits. Even think about organizing a best-dressed competition to infuse a little friendly rivalry.

3- Set up themed games and activities: 

Keep guests entertained with Derby-themed games like horseshoe toss or Derby bingo. 

4- Decorate with Derby flair:

Decorate with Derby-inspired elements to create a joyful mood, such as gingham tablecloths, fresh flowers, and horse racing memorabilia. Also think about incorporating Southern charm with rustic decorations, mason jar centerpieces, and string lighting.

5- Send out themed invitations: 

Use themed invites that encapsulate the excitement of the occasion to set the mood for your Derby celebration. 

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