Mentorship: Dancing Ledge Productions and ScreenSkills’ HETV Skills Fund

Dancing Ledge Productions, renowned for its works like “The Responder” and “Wedding Season”, in collaboration with ScreenSkills’ High-end Television (HETV) Skills Fund, has unveiled a list of lauded writers committed to guiding the next generation of talents in the HETV Skills Fund New Writers Programme 2023.

Mentors and Mentees: The 2023 Line-up

    • Mentee: Lucy Burke
  • Emilia di Girolamo (DECEIT, THREE PINES)
    • Mentee: Bindu de Stoppani
  • Camilla Blackett (NEW GIRL, FRESH OFF THE BOAT)
    • Mentee: Shani Akilah
    • Mentee: Florence Espeut-Nickless
  • Nathaniel Price (TIN STAR, THE OUTLAWS)
    • Mentee: Nathan Queely-Dennis
  • Oliver Lyttleton (WEDDING SEASON, CHEATERS)
    • Mentee: Izzy Radford
  • Sam Vincent & Jonathan Brackley (HUMANS,BETTER)
    • Mentee: William Gilles and Alannah Olivia

The Programme’s Genesis and Impact

Initiated in 2017 by the HETV TV Skills Fund and executed by Fremantle-backed Dancing Ledge Productions, the programme’s primary objective is to identify and foster a fresh wave of TV writers. This initiative offers them a pivotal opportunity directly associated with realizing their scripts. ITV supported the programme’s second iteration, with the HETV Skills Fund now entirely sponsoring the third cycle.

Kaye Elliott, the Director of the HETV Skills Fund, expressed her pride in endorsing the programme for its third consecutive year. She emphasized the programme’s success in aiding writers like Tony Schumacher of “The Responder” and Daniel Brierley of “Trigger Point”. The initiative plays a crucial role in bolstering new writers, enabling them to hone their distinct voices and advance their careers.

Laurence Bowen, the CEO of Dancing Ledge Productions, highlighted the company’s immense pride in the program’s growth and success. With the assistance of its eminent mentors, the scheme has been instrumental in launching the careers of an exceptional new generation of screenwriters.

Success Stories and Achievements

Two significant shows that emerged from the New Writers Programme are Tony Schumacher’s “The Responder” and Daniel Brierley’s “Trigger Point”. Both shows have garnered significant acclaim, with “The Responder” receiving multiple BAFTA nominations.

The Mentorship Process

All mentors select a new writer whose work has captivated them. These new writers are granted a refundable grant to write the first episode of their original TV series.

Throughout the writing process, mentors provide feedback, sharing their expertise, offering encouragement, and help to position the project with a production company or broadcaster.

The collaboration between Dancing Ledge Productions and ScreenSkills’ HETV Skills Fund is a testament to the power of mentorship in shaping the future of television writing. 

With the continued support and guidance of industry stalwarts, the New Writers Programme promises to bring forth a new era of storytelling.

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