Aishah & Shye are an inspiration to aspiring young female entrepreneurs in the SMMA market.

From Rags To Riches: Two Female Entrepreneurs Are The Successful Mentors They Wish They Had


Elite Tier Academy is devoted to teaching millennials creative and innovative ways to generate income online through social media marketing.

Entrepreneurs Shye Lee and Aishah Mohamed are dedicated to showing young women how to navigate their brands and businesses in a time where presence is everything. Many businesses have shifted their ventures into a virtual space. Online education has become one of the only ways we can gain knowledge during such a challenging time. People who have been laid off or have had their hours cut are seeking other ways to generate income, whether it be part-time work or starting their own companies.

With a background in PR and marketing, Shye and Aishah formed Elite Tier Academy, a social media marketing agency devoted to teaching millennials unique ways to generate online income that stray from the traditional influencer route. “We want to be the role models we never had,” say the duo, who connect with their audience through storytelling. “We wanted to inspire and educate more young women (of color, specifically) to overcome any challenges they’ve ever faced in the past, so that they can look up to FEMALE social media/digital marketing experts.

Elite Tier Academy has an array of online courses and a YouTube channel offering tips and tricks of the trade. Their courses reveal top industry secrets, resulting in their students closing deals quickly and making anywhere from $500-$3.5k with clients in their first month.

Both Aishah and Shye worked their way up from being everyday employees at jobs they weren’t happy with to being two influential and powerful businesswomen. They encourage their students that any dream is possible to achieve with the right attitude and a strong work ethic. In an Instagram post, Aishah talks about growing up in a one bedroom apartment and working three jobs while going to school full time. She then states that by 21, she was able to move into a luxury loft and travel freely while making money. They want to be mentors for young women who are just like themselves.

Social media marketing is still one of the fastest growing industries.

Elite Tier Academy incorporates all the aspects of creating a successful business into their courses, from mindset and manifestation to advertising and creating websites. They stress that building a personal brand is what makes the difference in a low-budget deal and a high-end deal. They’ve even started a 100k club, which is a successful group of their students who now boast six figure incomes.

There’s no denial that Elite Tier Academy will continue to elevate the careers of young businesswomen everywhere, not only improving their self-esteem but helping them tap into their worth and niche as entrepreneurs. The duo plans to host events, pitch themselves to t.v. series networks, and even teach others how to start their own social media educational system.

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