Dr. Adel Quttainah – An Inspiration For Future Surgeons

Being a surgeon comes with a responsibility to provide the best treatment to the patients. You have to strive for unparalleled precision and mastery of surgical methodologies consistently. Learning never stops for a good medical professional. Dr. Adel Quttainah stands as a prime example of adaptability, hard work, and success.

With over 20 years of experience, he hasn’t taken a break from learning. He supervises a private unit of medical cosmetic facility, Quttainah Medical Centre. Despite his experience, he personally overlooks the treatments of clients. Everyone from the receptionist to the surgeons receives his directions and advice. 

He evaluates the staff’s performance to ensure excellence in every aspect. Dr. Quttainah acknowledges that the best way to learn something is to be a teacher. However, his knack for learning and evolving has been apparent since his young age. 

The Best Way To Excel At Something Is To Learn It – And then never stop learning

What does it mean to have talents in your trade? It means consistently learn something new in your area of expertise. As long as you learn something, you will always have a unique set of skills. These skills will drive you towards success in life. That’s what the young generation and learn from Dr. Quttainah.

He started his medical venture at the National University of Ireland, followed by a five-year residency program in McMaster University. As a part of the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Department, he became a full-fledged surgeon. However, he further pursued his field of expertise and opted for post-graduation from the University of Toronto. 

Jack Of All Trades And Master Of All

Are you familiar with the terminology ‘Jack of all trades, but master of none?’ It says that a person can try different specializations but could never become a master. However, it seems like Dr. Adel Quttainah defies these laws of reality. 

During his time at the University of Toronto, he pursued a microsurgery fellowship. Meanwhile, he honed his skills in breast reconstruction and free muscle transfer for facial reanimation. He became one of the few Middle Eastern surgeons to master the free tissue transfer with perforator flaps. 

You would think that he’d stop here. But he continued his journey under two of the most brilliant surgeons of their times, Dr.Lloyd Carlsen and Dr.James Bain. With their guidelines as a final lesson from others, he finished his clinical research and aesthetic fellowship. 

A New Frontier Of Cosmetic Surgery 

Dr. Adel Quttainah returned to the Middle East to be a Head of the Plastic Surgery Department in Saad Specialist Hospital. There he realized his life’s ambition to serve people to the best of his capabilities. Hence, he opened a private aesthetic clinic that offered every possible cosmetic medical treatment and surgery selection. He gradually expanded his services to establish Quttainah Medical Center. 

Today, he is a highly recognized microsurgery consultant. His brainchild, QMC, provides cutting edge technology and best in class cosmetic medical services to the patrons. He is the example that if you have the right cause and dedication to learn something, you can excel in every life field. 

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