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How to Become an Internet Sensation with Caroline Zalog

Caroline Zalog started Instagram seriously at the end of 2019 and with the help of Chris Theodoropoulos (@blotch), they accelerated its growth by getting 600k followers within the space of 5 months, reaching a million followers. Yes, 1 million followers! And what is extraordinary is that Caroline ventured into social media without a single clue of what she was getting herself into. Not only that, Caroline also managed to attain a degree in business, within the same year (2020). Impressive, right ?

Caroline Zalog ventured into business at a young age, seeing as both her parents were very hard-working. This helped giving Caroline a head start at what life had to offer. She lived in Poland with her mother for the first seven years of her life , until they moved to the Bay Area. Caroline built her social media, while working hard to achieve her goal of attaining a degree in business which she did in the year 2020, while hitting 1 million followers. Caroline is incredibly goal oriented and once she sets up her mind to achieve something, she doesn’t relent until it becomes a reality. She loves finding solutions to problems and once in a while, tends to shake things up for fun by doing something out of the norm.

Caroline definitely has achieved impressive results just within a year, but her future goals are even more impressive. Caroline Zalog is currently working on her own clothing company called Girl Next Door with Chris Theodoropoulos. She’s hoping to drop the first line before the end of 2020 while making plans for the second line as well. Her designs are for both men and women, while putting majority of her focus on high quality. Not only that, Caroline also wants to share more of her fitness side, and has been developing her fitness brand called FITTY by Caroline.

Hoping to help other people achieve their desired fitness goals. In the next 10 years, Caroline says she sees herself running at least a few different companies. Hoping to expand off social media and run companies without her name attached, so they aren’t just considered “influencer companies”. She also hopes to live in her dream home with at least three dogs. She’s a huge dog lover . Caroline Zalog puts a lot of work and energy into everything she does, and seeing the positive progress and results of all her hard work is so gratifying and addicting. This keeps her motivated everyday. She also loves what she does. This in itself is enough motivation to keep achieving great things on a daily.

Caroline’s role model is her mom and she says whenever she is unsure of what to do in a certain situation, her mind would always subconsciously wander to what her mom would do. Caroline calls her mother at least five times a week and occasionally a few times each day. She describes her mom as one of the kindest and most generous person she has ever met, and she says whenever she is stressed out, she hears her mom’s voice in her head reassuring her.

It’s not just work in her life though. Whenever she gets the chance to have some free time for herself, she tends to explore new places, go on hikes and get creative in different ways . Caroline values family and friends, health, and living in the moment.

You can follow Caroline Zalog’s Instagram at @carolinezalog.

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