Katrin Klimova Is the Hardest Working Russian Mompreneur

Meet Katrin Klimova, Russia’s Hardest Working Mompreneur


From dire straits to top-of-the-world, Katrin Klimova broke every cliché on her way to becoming Russia’s hottest and hardest working mompreneur with a great story to share with the world.

You’ll be pleased to meet Katrin Klimova who took Russian diasporic social media by storm in recent years sharing her wholesome family lifestyle, cool products, and positive attitude on life. Her 1.5 million audience on Instagram is one of the largest mompreneur accounts on the platform. However, success was not originally “meant to be” for this hot matriarch and family business CEO. “I always repeat to everyone, like a mantra: decide and do it, decide and do it, decide and do it,” says Klimova. Born into abject poverty, she lost her parents as a teenager and had to rely on herself to acquire professional and interpersonal skills needed to succeed. “Work hard because nothing is given or guaranteed. You must start by disrupting your old patterns first. The most important thing is independent thinking. You must learn to identify a problem, set goals to solve it, and follow your own action plan step by step.” This method helped her build a beloved family and her own empire.

Katrin Klimova Is the Hardest Working Russian Mompreneur

There is no such thing as a side hustle! This is one of the rules she established early on for herself. When she worked for one of Russia’s biggest communications companies, she rose to the top of the ranks. She launched her Instagram in 2013 when her daughter was born and worked on developing content to become one of the most popular in the competitive family media niche. She paid close attention to her audience’s experiences and found that some ideas resonated well with her own needs. This is how she created wowsocks, a line of cute baby socks so that babies and parents can get extra enjoyment from simple things. As the kids grew, she developed Okidoki, a line of fun pre-teen clothing. Both brands are among the bestsellers on Wildberries, the largest Russian e-commerce platform. “If you decide to do something, you must do it like your life depends on it, because it is really your life, every day,” reflects Klimova on entrepreneurial responsibilities. 

Katrin Klimova Is the Hardest Working Russian Mompreneur

Klimova likes spending quality fun time with her daughter “just being girls” with playing dress up and trying holiday-themed makeup tutorials. Her next major move just might revolutionize a very lucrative segment of the beauty industry. TOP LAK is a spa-level line of innovative nailcare products that is guaranteed to deliver high-performance results at home. It is another example of concentrating on a business goal that is deeply rooted in your own passions. “Creative approach to business and life is about trusting your own vision and power. Focus on what you want for yourself and your family,” states Klimova. Overcoming adversity is part of everyone’s story in Siberia and Midwest and everywhere else. Always remember to decide and do it! And follow @katrinka_family_tut on her journey.

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