How Chase Hero Chased His Dream And Made It a Realitu


Do you know any humble beginning individual who became an entrepreneur and advertising gurus?

Well we know one by the catchy name of Chase who went truly from being broke and 10 dollars to actually becoming a whole industry leader.

Well we got a story leading up to where he is today, co-founding the infamous Watchers Eye group. In addition, he shares his insight on social experimenting, success, and the pursuit of happiness.

“It was an amazing story from getting in trouble at a young age and has become very successful with online marketing.  I got such an inspiring story which is all about mindset, putting in the leg work, routine and much more!”

Long story short the whole going from his last 10 dollars to actually founding a successful ad network only shows is true determination and grit.

“In 2010, I founded an advertising & technology company that grew to an 8-figure business. My success in the tech sector allowed me to branch into the financial markets. Finding a new love in trading the markets, I founded Pacer Capital in 2014. From its inception Pacer Capital focused heavily on cryptocurrency. In 2015, me and my team founded The Watchers Facebook group which grew to become one of the leading sources for free high quality information on cryptocurrency. Today I continue to focus on my passion for helping others succeed in the crypto markets and all fronts of the business world”

Yet him later on investing into the booming crypto currency shows he had the feeling for the trend.

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