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Happiness And Success Are In The Same Mindset Says Pauly Long

The fully self-made inspiration turned his passion into his purpose earlier this year when he launched his company MineSet. Helping and coaching others turning their visions and dreams into reality has become a fulfilling daily mission for the Philadelphia native.

It can take a long time to figure out what you want to do with your life. Some find a new purpose every day, others spend half their lifetime wondering what might be the best way to spend their precious time on earth. The majority though has at least a rough vision of what their dream life looks like. Their struggle lies somewhere else – where to start turning them into reality. Why does my every day life separate so strongly from what I am trying to achieve?

Pauly Long received strong feedback from people he had met on his way and spoken to, that he gives strong and distinctive answers to these questions. Which ultimately let him to where he is now. The founder and leader of MineSet, his brand that is backed by a community of followers and clients that consume and react to his daily updates and advice on social media, as well as hundreds of clients that purchased his online courses and can’t wait to hear him speak at in person events again, once restrictions losen up again.

MineSet was launched into the motivational and coaching market at the beginning year and ever since has been rising to success with more and more people re-assessing their lives during these years harsh disruptions.

Long came up with a solution that offers services beyond the motivational industry and goes into detailed marketing, self-marketing and funding consultation for clients that are looking for help starting their own businesses. And he knows exactly where his brand is heading in the future.

He is launching MineSet Marketing later this year, where he will offer detailed social media and marketing services for his clients.
An app exclusively for MineSet clients is also in the making, as he is looking to shape his very own platform.

All clients that purchased MineSet’s unique Shift program are going to welcome these news with a smile.

With a growing list of high profile clients, Pauly Long has every right to see himself amongst the top of the industry very soon.

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