Drayson Little has come a long way to the success that he is enjoying now - and has every right to be proud of himself.

Drayson Little And The Journey of a Dropshipping Champion

To make 7 figures at the age of 21 is unusual itself, to say the least. But to have several businesses generating that range of revenue is truly extraordinary. The story behind it is brilliant.

From the tender age of 12, Drayson Little wanted to be either the inventor of something or a CEO. Bold dreams, but we all know in the world of business anything is possible. We also know that age is no barrier, with an increasing amount of millionaires barely in their 20s! Let’s have a closer look on how Drayson Little turned his dreams into a solid business.

Although he had his aspirations, there is, of course, a journey to be made first. He mentioned before, that his first taste of entrepreneurship began when he was 13 years old. At this age, there were only two main colours of the Xbox 360 controller – black or white. He took apart his regular controller and spray painted his unique design onto it, although unfortunately, this did not become a star selling for him this time.

Whilst a junior in high school, he decided he wanted a bit more money. He achieved this by setting up affiliate marketing for a month, generating a cool $4,000 in profit. He could have made even more money, but his grades were falling, so he called it quits. During his freshman year of university, he decided to resell expensive shoes and other clothes and accessories, again quickly finding an effective money maker. Little is honest and says at this time he did not have a great grasp of the value of money, and as a result, he spent recklessly.

Perhaps this is a good sign of Drayson’s steely determination and driven nature. During his sophomore year, he became stuck in his room for 2 weeks trying to recover from having his tonsils removed. In this situation, the last thing a lot of people will be wanting to do is make money. And yet, it was during this time he put together his Shopify dropshipping model. He started with just $200 in his bank account, borrowing money from his girlfriend and parents to invest further into the business. The first product he ever sold was a uniquely styled iPhone case. Drayson broke even on the store, eventually selling it for some extra capital. He tested out selling an ever-increasing range of products before seeing profits after just 4 to 5 months of trading.

Fast forward to the present, and Drayson would like to help other thriving entrepreneurs make extra money with a Shopify dropshipping business. One day, when the pandemic is over, he would also like to get on stage and tell people about his amazing journey, which has seen his dropshipping venture make over $2 million in just 2 years!

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