When Passion Knows No Bound – Meet Samuele Mura

samuele mura
Samuele Mura with Roberto Carlos

A dream called London, and a passion and enthusiasm that know no bounds. These are the ingredients of the success of Samuele Mura, 32, from Ogliastra and owner of a few companies in the City and a football agent for an important Italian agency.

Samuele Mura has lived in London since 2014, “I opened my moving company in Jerzu in 2011 – he explains – then I realized that an important market for this kind of activity was in England: I moved to London, I opened an office 200 meters from the Emirates stadium.

The location of the headquarters seems to have already been indicative of how much the world of football would have influenced the development of Samuele’s business: “We started working on the relocation of some players, and the notoriety that followed was enormous: since then we have collected important clients and moved even more in the football industry working as football agent.

The jump might seem big, but I realised that I was working with footballers, making their life easy and looking after their interests, not only with their personal moves, but also with their marketing and online identity.”  Samuele is becoming an important asset for English clubs and English players that want to do business in the Italian market.

We will follow Samu’s journey, in the meantime if you do want to know more about Samu and his story you can check him out on his instagram page: www.instagram.com/samuele_mura

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