This Doctor Delivers More Than Just Envy-Worthy Smiles To Her Patients: Dr. Marianna Weiner

Envy Smiles Dental Spa in Brooklyn, New York, is providing a clear example of what the future of dentistry will look like. Combining classic and the latest aesthetic dental treatments with spa treatments, they break with strong established images. That’s right, spa treatments. This includes massages, reflexology and much more. After a relaxing or refreshing experience, the individual smile enhancing treatments are approached with the same amount of care. The mastermind behind this brilliant idea is none other than the owner, Dr. Marianna M. Weiner. 

Dr. Marianna Weiner is the third generation of dentists in her family. She graduated from New York University College Of Dentistry. Along with her Doctor of Dental Surgery qualification, she worked at Mount Sinai Hospital to finish her residency program. After the completion, she also served as an instructor in Mount Sinai Hospital School Of Medicine Division for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. General Dentistry was one of her subjects, as well.

Her experience as instructor expands to Rondeau Seminars where she worked as an assistant to teach about straight wire orthodontics and functional appliances. With over 26 years of experience, Dr. Weiner has attained a remarkable expertise and specialization that distinguishes her from the competitors. 

Her ‘Envy Smiles Dental Spa’ Clinic has gained tremendous recognition and growth. Not only from New York, but the clients fly from various countries like Russia and Israel to receive her unmatched treatments and brilliant consultations. 

Dr. Marianna M. Weiner is an award winning dentist that has received various certificates and recognitions. Create Woman Of The 21st Century, America’s Top Dentist, Talk Of The Town Award In Excellent Client Satisfaction are some of the most notable achievements. The prestigious dentist is also associated with ADA, AGD, NYSDA, IAO and many other high-ranking organizations.

Dr. Weiner is prominently known for cosmetic dental treatment. Her clientele includes several high-profile individuals, celebrities and much more. Her holistic approach to the spa treatment while preparing for dental procedures is certainly one of a kind approach.

Today, she has a team of 25 staff members working alongside her. The treatment has become a hub for families with children, even pets, to receive a holistic care experience. When a client visits here, they expect to rediscover and redefine themselves. Not just their teeth or that pristine smile, but the complete personality receives a rejuvenating experience. 

The unique aspect of combining spa and reflexology with spa treatments has allowed Dr. Weiner to distinguish her expertise and business. Playing an active part in the evolving practices of porcelain veneers and smile design, Envy Smile are a business concept that is waiting to be copied – although it will take a lot of expertise and compassionate, highly qualified professionals like Dr. Marianna Weiner and her team.

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