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Standing Out in the Fitness Industry – Naor Yazdan

Naor Yazdan’s days are fairly similar to the average person. He wakes up, showers, washes his face, hits the gym, and spends time with his loved ones. However, what’s maybe not so similar is the four thousand plus clients he avidly connects with over a day to day basis. Naor Yazdan has gained notoriety in the fitness world. He is an Israeli fitness model, trainer, and even real estate entrepreneur. He has defeated many odds – one namely being a heart valve replacement surgery. Nothing phases him. As far as Yazdan is concerned, the road keeps moving onward. But what does it take to be like Yazdan?

Contrary to what some glancing through his Instagram page might think, Yazdan wasn’t born with muscles. Actually, he was pretty scrawny as a kid and teenager growing up. In fact, reflecting back to this former figure and weight, Yazdan recalls a time where he weighed approximately 54 kilograms which with American conversion rates, amounts to approximately: 120 pounds. That was before he started his take on fitness. Ironically, his beginning with an active lifestyle started through his job as a member of the Israeli Defense Forces. The rigorous fitness training the military required opened his eyes to a newfound passion: Yazdan actually enjoyed it. Not only did he enjoy the way it made him feel but one would be remiss in neglecting to note the evident muscular gains it was giving him too. That was a major accomplishment for Yazdan seeing as he had been skinny his whole life.

In Yazdan’s own words, he said in reflection, “I always wanted to be the best and get all the attention and the girls.” That was a wish that certainly came true. With his newly sculpted figure, Yazdan did grasp the attention of the girls as well as those aspiring to attain similar body transformations. And best of all, for once in his life, Yazdan really did feel like the best. He was invincible. Yazdan began to appear over his social media platforms which just added to the attention he was getting and helped to boost his career as a newfound fitness trainer after leaving the Israeli Defense Forces.

Yazdan quickly built a successful and prosperous clientele through the aid of his social media presences. Over time he had the pride and joy of training thousands to experience the body transformations and goals they wished to achieve. Through all of his work dedicated to helping others reach their best versions of themselves, Yazdan’s advice remains the same as he looks back upon his own journey, “you got to be the hardest worker in the room. If you want to be the best, you have to work harder than the one above you.” He also advises, “never give up. It takes time.” He has implemented his advice with his clientele by aiding them in establishing carefully laid out fitness regimens. Taking into account the health complications Yazdan experienced with his heart, it really is evident that he had to be the hardest worker in the room to surpass all the odds that crossed his path to lead on the success he continues today and to to continue shining in a sea of people.

Although Yazdan is not astronomically different to the average day to day person, some values and habits he has upheld have set him apart. This has inevitably led him to stand out in a crowd of people and led him to the success he enjoys and continues to build off of today. To keep up with Naor Yazdan and his fitness accomplishments and where 2021 will take him, follow his social media handles: Instagram and Facebook

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