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Sowa Marketing Agency Leading a New Breed of Pioneer Business Owners in the New Normal

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed immense pressure on businesses regardless of their industry. Due to the crisis’ unique challenges, many businesses sought the assistance of marketing agencies to help them navigate and pivot their company. One of the top marketing agencies that became a strong support to numerous businesses is Sowa Marketing Agency, a firm that has excelled in web design, marketing and branding, among other services.

Sowa Marketing Agency is a marketing company made up of some of the most sought-after experts in the field. The firm offers complete services to its clients and business partners to help them leverage digital platforms and channels to grow their business. In fact, it has become a staple to their clients because of their effective strategies in turning businesses into local authorities in their respective industries. One of their main tools in lead generation and positive branding is LinkedIn. With their comprehensive marketing strategies, they can scale up business revenues to seven or eight figures.

The marketing consultancy agency is the brainchild of Aidan Sowa, one of the fastest-rising marketing experts in New York, known for successfully helping companies survive and thrive during the pandemic. Considered by his peers and other industry players as a visionary, Sowa leads his company to go beyond his clients’ expectations. 

Sowa was born in Daly City, California, but lived most of his life in the New England area in Rhode Island. He learned about the digital world and all the tech trends while at the MIT Enterprise Forum Cambridge. Around the same time, he had an epiphany that helped him jumpstart his own business. The young visionary realized that only a handful of companies and businesses focus on building their brand as leaders in their respective trades. He believes one of the most effective approaches to marketing your products and services is to build an image highlighting your credibility and authority in a specific field. 

Despite his brilliance and strategic mind, Sowa admits that starting his own marketing agency was difficult. Even though he received essential insights into the business landscape, the journey to get to where he is now was not a smooth one. But, like most business leaders and company owners, he pushed onward through a series of trials and errors and embraced the consequences of his rookie decisions. 

“This setback would have bankrupted me as I didn’t have any resources at this point. This taught me that it is important to constantly communicate with clients, sign legal contracts and to provide value constantly,” says Sowa. 

On top of having a team of communication experts and an extensive lineup of strategies, what makes Sowa Marketing Agency stand out from other agencies in the playing field is their specialized service and commitment to only collaborate with a small clientele, consistently delivering on their promise of helping small entrepreneurs scale up their networks and revenues through quality service. But because more and more businesses are seeking help, the agency has opened up for bigger clients based in New York. 

Amidst the business risks involved, Aidan remains determined to grow his and his clients’ businesses over the next few years. By doing so, he hopes to leave a mark on the business world.

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