Pro Bodybuilder Shows Entrepreneurs How To Reach Their Dream Body While Working

Faction Training is an up and coming personal training service provider in West Hollywood. The iconic Eric Janicki, a professional body-builder and athlete is the mastermind behind the brilliant business idea. On the surface, it might seem like any other personal training endeavor. However, it is much more than that. 

With $600K in revenue, many people would think that Eric and Team Faction has received an overnight success. Nothing could be further from the truth. Eric’s endeavors started when he was still into the finance and wealth management ector. He was training with a fitness trainer and decided to guide him into progression. The end results were astonishing and Eric realized his knack for personal training.

The fitness expert decided to invest his time and efforts in providing coaching services. This led him to become a well-recognized, even a pioneer, in the West Hollywood region. In the next step, he acquired a lot of successful followers on social media. Thus, gaining a prestige similar to celebrity. 

Next objective was to pay attention to the problem and where he could bring the changes. Eric decided to solve the problem of motivation for the people. He brought sustainability through education. This path to enlightenment became his ace to assist in the business growth. As Faction Training started to grow, more entrepreneurs and business owners felt attracted to the newfound training specialization.

The goals that seemed unattainable once, came into the realm of possibility. Various clients with different requirements started to appear. Requests for better body composition, higher energy levels, confidence and self-esteem, improving eating style and habits became common. Eric knew he had to expand and hired 5 coaches. 

These include full time nutrition experts, mobility expert, accountability coach and training coach. The combined expertise helped the well-versed growth of Faction Training. Team faction became an individual-level success endeavor. 

Soon, testimonials and review started to fly out. More prestigious client started to join and Eric managed to maintain a strong portfolio. This includes industry’s top clients. The business turned into a ‘boutique’ for personal training as they provide hand-crafted and individual solutions to each person. 

Team Faction Training is on the right path of becoming an excellent enterprise. Eric has big ambitions for the idea that started with personal coaching. There is a possibility that Faction TRaining LLC might become the future of the industry by inspiring not just the clients but also the other budding trainers. 

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