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“My goal is to become the number 1 supplier of Beats” Patrick ‘Hot Money’ Osei

Music producer, audio engineer, and entrepreneur, Patrick Osei is here to share his story with us. He is the founder of Hot Money Studios, with almost two decades of experience he conquers the world of rap in the UK. 

Background story

Patrick Osei has an interesting story and like many other successful people, his achievement was possible just through hard work and ambition. He was always into music since he was a child he was able to play the piano and one of the best keyboard players in the UK at that time, Margaret Mason taught Patrick how to play the keyboard. 

The secret revealed 

His passion was boosted more and more when he found out that if technology is combined with music something original can be created. Hot Money Studios is one of the most famous studios in London among rap singers. One of the main factors which made this studio successful was that they keep being authentic. We are all aware that the music industry is overly saturated and the competition is huge. Hot Money Studios are original because they provide that major label sound at indie rates. 

Inspiration is important 

Patrick’s favorite quote comes from Tim Notke, a basketball coach who says that “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”. His secret so far is hard work. Having a vision is often not enough to make your dream come true. Patrick’s advice for the young generation would be to be focused on the vision and never stop working on it. 

Routine and activities 

Curious about how a day in the life of a music producer looks like? Patrick Osei shared with us his routine. You will be surprised to find out that it is super important to keep your body healthy and your mind focused as a business owner. Long story short, his routine is below.

Routine: Workout, check emails, office/studio, music sessions, phone calls in between, nighttime reading, bed.

In his leisure time, Patrick likes to spend his time listening to Jazz reading, or simply watching Netflix. His biggest inspiration was always his father, and we realized that family comes on the top of the list when we talk about important things in life. Patrick Osei revealed that the most important day of his life was when he became a father. 

Is there a bright future in the music industry? 

The founder of Hot Money Studios is planning a great future and he has in mind to build a Music licensing company selling beats to independent musicians, to bring the studio to a seven-figure revenue by 2023, and to focus on the digital marketing space. His goals are certainly reachable, especially when Patrick is very excited when a new opportunity comes in, this is what keeps him motivated most of the time. 

“My advice for new talent is to focus on the vision, then work your butt off to realize that vision. Do not accept failure and learn from mistakes.”

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