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“I No Longer See Failure as an Option,” With CEO Sean Pandya

For aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners, and CEOS, Kishanraj Anil Pandya who is known unanimously as Sean Pandya, stands out as an exemplary role model. 

He started out doing work as a free intern in 2017 at his father’s company, Amcon Consultants Inc., a company dedicated to the engineering and architectural planning for buildings.  Since, he has scaled up as CEO of the company and has started up his own faction, Sean Pandya Enterprise, which is dedicated to propagating Cannabis dispensaries in hopes to make it accessible to those seeking it as a medical alternative.  He has also gained a substantial social media presence as he currently has over 23 thousand followers.  There, he showcases his luxurious cars – one of them being a flashy lava orange Corvette Z06 – as well as his physique that he prides himself in as he has sculpted it through dedication and commitment at the gym.  For a man that seemingly has it all, it is a wonder what it takes to get to a place like him.

 Like many, Pandya began from humble origins.  He was bullied in school for his weight and skin color.  However, instead of letting that be a factor that dragged him down, he instead utilized it as a force to propel him to the greater things and potential that he believed he was truly destined for.  When it came to graduating from high school, Pandya did end up going for the traditional route of attending a university.  He was accepted into San Jose State University but to his surprise, he felt that he was meant to be elsewhere.  He terminated his studies and instead dived straight into employment.  Making such a daring move of leaving school really forced Pandya to crack down on ideas and opportunities for work and business ventures.  He started out working as a personal trainer since he had been working on his own personal fitness for a while and could benefit and serve value to others in that avenue.  From then on, he worked his way up the ladder and the rest is history but history that is continually in the making as is evident based on where he is today in 2021.

For those looking to follow similar footsteps to Pandya, one feeling that a lot can relate to is: fear.  It can be a daunting experience when one has all the aspirations of having a successful business but not knowing exactly the steps to get there or perhaps doubting if it will even turn out to be a successful venture in the long run.  One might find themselves battling within themselves if both the financial and time investments are worth it.  However, Pandya assures and encourages, “any aspiring entrepreneur should think less about their fears and more about when they are going to get started!”  And if that is not incentive enough, he also goes on to say, “Oftentimes, the younger you are, the more risks you can take!”  In other words, starting sooner than later may work out better to one’s advantage so the time to start is now!  Lastly, one of Pandya’s staple quotes that inspire him personally is, “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”  So yes, business ventures can be risky and intimidating, but if one doesn’t give it a try, one is also missing that very chance of it being an echoing success. 

Another big fear or perhaps perceived obstacle that many inevitably face at one point or another is: failure.  Pandya is no exception to that.  However, the difference that weeds him out from the others is the way he views failure.  Instead of seeing it as a hindrance or a force of nature working against him, Pandya actually sees failure as a tool that has helped to move him forward.  In his own words, Pandya discusses failure, “I don’t advocate for the fear of failure, but my fears have actually pushed me to growing an empire.  I no longer see failure as even an option.”  It is inevitable that things go wrong even for business moguls like Pandya himself.  However, it is what one does and how they go about it from that point that determines their path moving forward.

 A look into Pandya’s background and it is clear that he is not all too different from anyone else.  However, good habits and practices that he has emphasized as staples and core values in his life have shaped him to be the successful man that he is today.  To keep up with Sean Pandya and all of his business ventures, follow his social media handles: Facebook and Instagram.

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