From Homeless Veteran To Thriving Entrepreneur – Xander Neff

An instagram post went viral in around the year 2015 about a man who was living in his car and had $3 in his bank account. He was an army veteran, homeless but far from giving up.

The post reached out to 200,000 people and landed him a job as a professional dancer. But that was just the start as he ended up becoming a professional model before finally starting his own modeling agency. This is the story of Xander Neff, a real life story that will inspire you to the core. 

Xander was born and brought up in a poor household. His father was a coal miner and mother was a babysitter. By the age of 14, Xander had started working, undertaking any job that would pay. The young boy was athletic and into extreme sports. He undertook snowboarding and at the age of 18, the eager boy was trying to master a double backflip from the snowboarding. However, he received a brain injury instead and doctors claimed that he would never walk again.

But the driving spirit of Xander refused to give up. He decided to undergo therapy and thorough rigorous training, he recovered within 6 months and went cliff diving to prove it. The elite athlete was ready to serve his country as a United States Army Man in 2013. 

Unfortunately, his dream was short lived, within 4 years of servitude, he received an injury in the knee, landing him another surgery. He attempted to return to service but his mind had taken a toll. PTSD, insomnia and anxiety became his newfound adversities that landed him into aforementioned poverty with $3 in his account.

A photographer saw potential in Xander and helped him with the first modeling gig. This helped the young man realize his passion and dreams. He posted that instagram feed a while back, but now it was time to use his handle to reach people. Then he introduced an OnyFans account, taking bold steps, even naughty bits. 

Now, he runs a successful model agency XK Luxury LLC. This step is perfect to take his career to the next level after studying his industry. The objective of the group is to find more inspirational individuals that would assist him and nurture together so that a ‘family-like bond’ will help them reach greater heights.

Today, Xander Neff is one of the prominent model figures and he is consistently reaching new heights, thanks to his positive mindset, adamant willpower and indomitable spirit. 

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