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Christopher Senekki and The Future Of Men’s Mental Health

Overall, the future of this particularly sensitive area is bound to be bright, one way or another. Acceptance that, yes, virtually everyone can and absolutely will struggle with mental health issues at some point in their lives is increasing, and the stigma surrounding mental health afflictions is also slowly shrinking into future obscurity for men worldwide!

Street Style And Men’s Emotions – Past And Future

In the past, mental health used to be very much seen as a taboo topic to discuss, and anyone who spoke of it was a bit off their bender. And yet, we have progressed so much as a society in regards to that particular subject! Of course, we’ve still got a long way to go, but digital saints such as Senekki are paving the way to progress with their ideologies, actions, and overall empathy. Most notably of all, Christopher has been, and still is, part of multiple organizations which focus on men’s mental health in the UK, and the way he decides to go from here will surely be exciting to observe – and most likely deserving of some well-due praise!

Men’s emotions are often overlooked, and that’s why Senekki is doing his best to continually spread his online presence – in hopes to be able to spread his valuable message of “prevention before crisis”, which could save multiple men from suffering and even more men from the grim jaws of death.

Potential And Street Fashion – Focus And Charisma

The way Senekki does is job is through providing focal points that aim to help others keep a positive mindset in their lives overall – and one skill he uses to achieve this is his charisma. As a charismatic person in general, Senekki is able to bring his points forth and make them understood to pretty much anyone, from grown men to young boys!

Most importantly, Daniel Goleman is this wise man’s inspiration and what pushed him to do the work he does today. As it turns out, Goleman’s books on emotional intelligence, along with the incredible amount of articles he has created for The New York Times, all created the basic, yet sturdy foundation upon which Senekki’s current work has been built up on.

Clothing And Times Long Gone – Looking Back

Before realizing how important he was to such a noble cause, Senekki was trying to come to terms with his very own struggles, seeing as nobody is immune from inner demons. He then proceeded to satiate a newfound curiosity, and so he went ahead and tried to see for himself what was done in the world in terms of prevention in regards to personal struggles and their early prevention.

Not much, as it turns out.

When he eventually went on the WHO (World Health Organization) website, he’d come across a couple studies on the matter of prevention and mental health. Most of the studies were written in an “overly stereotypical” manner, as he put it, but one word in particular did catch his attention.

“Human Rights”.

Human Rights – although the term itself carries a variety of meanings, it can also indicate the fact that every human being deserves to be happy, and to not be plagued by mental afflictions that could prove to be a lot more dangerous than most people expect. Although the words themselves didn’t solve his problems, it helped Senekki realize that he was, in fact, spiraling down and down further and, soon enough, he’ll have to do something instead of waiting until the point of no return comes around.

Christopher valuable journey can be followed on Instagram at @s__christopher

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