Pioneers And Geniuses – Pushing The Limits Of Contemporary Genres


It takes the ability to see a bigger picture and think outside of expectations and attachments to be on the frontline of creative pioneer work. Ashton Traitor is the latest example.

When is an artist a free creative, when does he start providing a service? For most, the transitions is extremely quickly done. One hit, a single song. A taste of success, a taste of acceptance and validation. Emotionally, as well as financially.

The validation itself becomes the main motivation to create, the output adapts to the consumers expectations. Creation, the production of something new, becomes a relative phrase, when the circle of expectations isn’t broken anymore. There’s always only a few that have their own, independent vision and stick to it.

Famous successors

It’s much easier to call someone a genius with the right amount of time past. The classics, the neo classics. But when we turn to people like Kanye West, who have been so non conformist with their outputs, we usually end up in discussions. Discussions, that confirm the thesis.
Too young are the growing pains of the industry and genre after these rare types of personalities broke the ice.

Another example is the late LilPeep. An artist, that didn’t shy away from putting his mental health struggles into hiphop music, against all the stigma that has defined the scene for decades.

Ashton Traitor might be walking in his footsteps, but he is definitely walking in his own shoes.

The Los Angeles based artist appears alienated from society and manages to keep these aesthetics visually as well as in his music. He is everything that teenagers will identify with, young adults will either hate or love and the older generations will simply not understand.

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Stick talk

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Ashton Traitor self-directs all his content, from photoshoots to music videos.

The lines of hiphop, trap, emo music and electronic blur in his work, break the boundaries and fuse it back together.

All that while hiding his face behind dyed hair or his hands. We know a lot more about how Ashton Traitor feels than who Ashton Traitor thinks he is – and that separates him from the rest. More expressions, more creativity, less statements, less celebrity.

Fittingly to his non conformist lifestyle and attitude, he hasn’t released an album since his viral single ‘On My Own’ dropped in 2017. His fanbase is happy anyway, with new singles being sent out every other month.

Ashton Traitor does things his very own way, merging genres while breaking their rules and limits. Which makes him a genius too.

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