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Jowy Cenat: A Modern Take on Piano Playing

Jowy Cenat has made a name for himself over the past year, for both his musical abilities, his entrepreneurial spirit and his new book. We caught up with him recently to find out more about what he has been doing recently and to hear about his musical aspirations.

The Piano

The piano is a very versatile instrument and has been used to great effect by virtuosos for many centuries. It has been used in countless genres of music throughout this time; from Ludwig Van Beethoven’s classical stylings in the late 18th Century, all the way through to musicians like Stevie Wonder in the 1970s. It has even transcended the art of music entirely in some cases, one notable example being its appearance in the classic 1942 film, Casablanca. Today though, we have so many more avenues for new acts to be discovered, and this leads us onto Jowy Cenat.

The Player

Jowy Cenat has been utilising the modern inventions of social media and online marketing to become one of last year’s breakout stars. Videos of him playing piano have went viral over the world with millions of views in total. But Cenat is different from most of the pianists that you might think off. For starters, he is a university graduate, with a bachelor’s degree in Health Science and a dual minor in Holistic and Public Health, and he is trying to go to graduate school to study occupational therapy as well. This varies from the classic image of the pianist, especially when you think of someone like Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” – playing in dingy bars for pennies and having a resentment of those who made it big. Instead, Cenat is a well-rounded and educated young man who has managed to make a name for himself outside of music as well with his entrepreneurial ventures including his YouTube channel and his new book. Even in terms of musical style he differs greatly from a Billy Joel type or even a Stevie Wonder type of player as he takes influence from his rather unique ancestry. Cenat is a descendant of Haitians, and he laces this throughout almost all of his music, giving it that unique Caribbean sound that is absent from his contemporaries and even many of his predecessors. Cenat also speaks French, harkening back to that Haitian side of his. In spite of his deviation from his pianist predecessors, he expressed an admiration for 80’s music; saying he enjoys listening to the classics for motivation, as well as going on walks every morning.

The Future

Despite his considerable musical talent, Cenat feels like he has found his true calling in the medical field. In the next ten years he wants to be working as an occupational therapist. However, he also wants to continue with his entrepreneurial ventures and combine this with his music by helping musicians get their foot in the door of the heavily saturated industry through his own business. This is also one of the key differences that separate Cenat from other pianists, as they would simply rest on their musical laurels, whereas he is making an effort to become more than just a piano player. He is nothing like the “Piano Man”, struggling to get by and playing at venues far beneath their talents; Cenat is more like a businessman than a musician in this regard, he would be more likely to own the bar than to be playing in it. It is safe to say, that with his considerable talent for music and his sense for business, that Jowy Cenat will be successful in the vast majority, if not all, of his future ventures.


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