Our Artist Of The Week: Joey Luxx Has Declared 2020 His Year

The young artist from South Jersey has released his debut album along single tracks this year and seems to be on a roll.

2020 hasn’t been the expected amazing new year for the majority of people, with a lot of global issues coming together. With the restrictions of a pandemic, many thought positive productivity would have to wait for next year.

Several people on the other hand have decided to take the freedom that came with the circumstances and follow their true passion. While some have struggled with the additional time to kill, artists on the other hand, have been gratefully focussing on their craft. And in this case, given birth to a beautiful debut album and a promising career.

Joey Luxx launched the industry last year, after Malcolm Parrish had been pursuing a professional career in basketball for most of his life. But when the muse took over, she took over completely.

The ‘Space Tape, Vol1.’ is a jumpstart into a career that is looking extremely promising for the South Jersey prodigy. The versatile artist switches form melodic verses to catchy hooks and the overall production leads a solid path through a distinctively told storyline. Whether you like the comparison or not, but this sounds like New Jersey’s answer to Houston’s Travis Scott, whether it’s the playful sampling and soundscape, or the mentioned melodies on the 808s.

Who knows if we might hear Luxx’ voice over a Metro Boomin tag in the future, but we’re pretty sure there will be more than a good handful of beat makers and producers looking to collaborate with the rapper.

Joey Luxx followed up his release quickly by dropping his latest single 20/20, which shows another improvement to his album, as he seems to find his niche in the scene with more and more confidence.

As we’re only heading into the third season of the year, we are almost expecting Joey Luxx to have a couple more surprises up his sleeves this year!

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