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Meet the Influencer Family – Monica Landen, Gabriel Padilla and Roxy

Get to Know Monica and Gabriel

Monica Landén and Gabriel M Padilla met in Los Angeles four years ago and have been an inseparable couple ever since!

If you didn’t already know, the power couple have almost half a million followers on their Instagram handles @GabrielMPadilla and @WithRoxy combined!

Both Monica and Gabriel shared a passion for traveling but being originally from two different places was a struggle for them in the beginning. Monica is originally from Finland, while Gabriel is Cuban-American, originally from rural Southern Oregon in the US. They moved around a lot before finally settling in their own apartment in LA together, which was a very proud moment for the two of them.

Gabriel moved to LA at the age of 18 years old with the desire to pursue his modeling career with no solid plan or safety net. During the rise of social media, Gabriel quickly knew he had to catch up because it was the future beyond modeling. He also an entrepreneur as he co-founded a company called Model Citizen, which is a subscription box service designed to put life-saving PPE in the hands of as many people as possible, while offering a 1-for-1 donation model wherein a mask is donated to frontline workers and communities in need for every single mask included in the boxes that the company sells.

Moreover, Monica has had a strong passion for traveling ever since she was only 13 years old. From that age, her parents knew she was ready to travel on her own. Monica had explored all over Europe, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, and Northern America. It was a great realization for Monica to learn how self-sufficient she can be when traveling alone. Monica and Gabriel instantly clicked as they both shared the love for freedom and exploring the world.

Shortly after, they got a dog together, Roxy, a gorgeous Husky-German Shepherd mix. Roxy is definitely the millennial version of a baby to Monica and Gabriel!

What makes Gabriel and Monica truly unique as a couple is how they showcase the dream archetype of the millennial lifestyle – working from home and freelancing, having a dog instead of a baby, living in an apartment instead of a house, and having such a multifaceted career that enables them to travel the world.

Young Travelers into Influencer Family

Getting Roxy was a huge commitment for Gabriel and Monica. Roxy has become the apple of their eye, and the couple has taken raising her as a puppy very seriously. Even their morning routine is focused on making sure Roxy gets her daily walks.

Monica was very excited about her new role as Roxy’s mommy, and as every pet owner or even parent can relate, documenting Roxy’s every adorable step on Instagram ultimately turned into Monica’s hobby. Eventually, their Instagram accounts @GabrielMPadilla and @WithRoxy have each attracted almost 200,000 fans who enjoy the creative content and would even reach out for advice on raising a puppy as well as travel tips.

Gabriel and Monica have decided to never leave Roxy alone if it can be helped, and since the couple enjoys traveling so much, Roxy has become a significant part of their adventures too!

The sensational Instagram account with @WithRoxy became more than just any pet influencer account. The majority of pet accounts on Instagram are mostly comedic, but @WithRoxy portrays their adventures as a family with Roxy as a world-traveling dog.

Gabriel and Monica successfully combined their different interests on social media from travel, fitness, lifestyle, their life as a family, and having a dog. It’s absolutely wholesome and unique at the same time, inspiring many young followers across the globe.

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