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Andrea Vetrano – The Luxurious Travel Expert Who Makes a Living Out of His Passion

Andrea Vetrano is a luxury travel influencer with more than 300k followers on Instagram. His brand name is built on luxurious styles and hotels, becoming an expert in this highly competitive field. Let’s find out his impressive story together.

From passion to career

Andrea’s passion was always to travel the world. One day, he realized that his career can be completely built around what he loved to do the most. Until then, he used to share his holiday experiences on Facebook, but in 2017 his focus was around creating a social media presence. As a result, his Instagram page got completely transformed into a very consistent and luxurious platform when the general public can take a sneak peek into the fancy and exclusive travel experiences.

How it all started

Initially, Andrea Vetrano did not even think of making a living out of traveling. His big surprise was in 2018 when a luxurious hotel contacted him and offered a free stay. That was the point when Andrea realized that he can have a full-time job doing exactly what he loves the most, travel. A big realization for him was to become independent and this was possible only with hard work.

The luxurious life behind the scenes

Of course, we all dream of having a job like this one day. It is literally the best job description ever written. But we need to understand that behind this glamorous life there is a lot of hard work, discipline, and commitment. Even if Andrea Vetrano’s workplace is an exotic destination or stunning sunset views, he does a lot of hard work. For example, every single day he is involved in content production and editing, strategic and operational management, marketing and digital PR activities, and commercial activities. Maintaining all the social channels up to date and keeping the brand alive is not always the easiest thing to do, especially on a pandemic.

What it takes to become a successful influencer 

Well, we are lucky enough to find out from Andrea Vetrano himself which are the best characteristics to be successful in this glamorous industry. Andrea is a very professional influencer and his content is truly impressive. The travel industry on social media is suffused with thousands of accounts. What makes him stand out is the quality of the content and the work behind it. This is the main reason why prestigious brands such as Four Seasons, St Regis, and Kempinski are always happy to collaborate with him. It is highly important to have the skills to get along with people, be friendly, as communication is crucial in this industry.

Philosophy of life 

Andrea Vetrano believes that nothing is impossible and dreams come true when you less expect. Creativity, passion, and stubbornness are the main factors that helped Andrea to become the person he is today. His biggest inspiration was always his parents and he really believes that having a family, being healthy, and staying all the time curious can lead you to an amazing life.

The goal is not to be better than the other man, but your previous self. – Dalai Lama

If you are interested to learn more about luxury destinations and incredible experiences, please follow Andrea on Instagram @andreavetrano, on TikTik @andreavetranoo, Facebook andrea.vetrano or visit his website You will be truly amazed by the flawless views and extraordinary hotels from all over the world.

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