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From Below Zero to Millions: Brandon Nguyen, a Reformed Party Boy Turned Entrepreneur

In the entrepreneurship world, age isn’t really anything more than a number. Young, middle-aged, and old – anyone is able to be an entrepreneur.  All it takes is focus and a dedicated mindset.  Now as a twenty-two year old but he was nineteen when it all began, Brandon Nguyen is a prime example.  Today, he stands as the owner of his very own business establishment, Yengub.  After years of successfully running his own ecommerce store that has earned him millions in revenue, Brandon is now transitioning to the educational spectrum of marketing in hopes to boost others to achieve similar heights.  

At nineteen, most individuals find themselves in some university establishment working towards earning a degree to boost them on their career path.  Nguyen was no different in that regard.  Being born to Vietnamese immigrant parents, he wanted to make them proud.  He started off with the traditional route with similar aspirations as his peers of getting a degree to show for his studies and dedication.  However, it wasn’t all smooth sailing.  His college career ended up being very short lived and concluded after his first year.  Too many nights partying and being immersed in meaningless activities had taken a toll on him and his GPA which then stood low at 1.2.  Nguyen felt hopeless.  To everyone around him, he felt like he had failed them but even more so, failed himself. 

Google’s search engine is a useful tool and comes in handy for just about any type of inquiry.  When Nguyen typed in “how to make money online”, Google certainly delivered.  It was in that moment that Nguyen first became acquainted with his first glimpses into the great wide world of marketing: e-commerce.  Seeing no other viable option in sight and with a bank account depleted beyond depths indebted with student loans and him being jobless and a college drop-out, he decided to give it a go.  After all, what was there to lose?

Nguyen decided to cut out all his former bad habits.  The partying lifestyle and obsessive social media quickly came to a halt.  Instead, he now resorted to remaining focused.  He quickly found himself dedicating approximately up to fifteen hours each day in hopes of making his business model work.  And it did.  Although it was slow getting off of the ground initially, Nguyen ended up being wildly successful with his ecommerce store by the end of the first year.  Not only were his student loans a figment of the past but now he was more than well off.  His e-commerce store had earned him a net income of a million.  The following year demonstrated even greater success with ten million.  Nguyen was going places and soaring to heights that just a couple summers ago, he would have found imaginable.

Through the whole process of lifting his ecommerce store off of the ground, Nguyen maintained a YouTube channel to document and share his journey with others.  It was through that platform where he realized his passion for interacting with others as well as playing a vital role in inspiring them.  Although he enjoyed maintaining his ecommerce store, he also wanted something that would keep him more in touch with others.  For that reason, he is transitioning from doing ecommerce solely to running an online educational program as an addition to the mix.  “I believe I can make a greater impact doing this.  I enjoy this much more as it allows me to work more closely with people and be more creative when it comes to marketing,” he explained his thoughts on his decision in one interview.  He also added, “I want to be there to provide support and be a good mentor and role model so that they can make a positive impact on their own lives and others.”

Brandon Nguyen has come a long way from his party days.  He went from below zero dollars to millions in just a few short years.  It was not luck but rather a testament of his focus and dedication.  There is more to come where that all came from as Nguyen continues to add on to his journey as he propels himself forward into the future.  To keep up with him and Yengub, stay up to date with his social media handles: YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

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