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Gems of Wisdom From Jem Bourouh, a Twenty-Three Year Old Marketing Mogul

Hailing from Germany, one young man is making a name for himself in a sea of competitors in the marketing industry.  That name belongs to none other than Jem Bourouh.  At the young age of twenty three, he has helped bring companies from zero dollars to over seven figure incomes through his superb marketing skills.  Not only that but he also runs two successful businesses, Adcubator, which is a marketing agency, and eCom Incubator, which is tailored to educating others on how to inherit a similar expert marketing skill set.  Being such a young entrepreneur and yet simultaneously having so many accomplishments and successes under his belt, it is not surprising that other fellow aspiring entrepreneurs will want to follow suit.  Lucky for them, Jem Bourouh, has some gems of wisdom to pass on.

  • “Don’t Overcomplicate It.”

One of the first problems behind starting a business or some type of entrepreneurship endeavor is not starting.  It is easy to get worked up in the fine details and one might think the time is not right and to save it for a sunnier day.  However, Bourouh says otherwise.  The time is now.  In his words he has said as one of his biggest tips and advice to entrepreneurs looking to follow a similar lead, “don’t overcomplicate it.  Start and see what happens.  Don’t overthink.  You will never be successful if you only procrastinate and make excuses.”  

  • Cut the Bad Habits

Bourouh insists that in order for an entrepreneur to be successful, bad habits have to be a thing of the past.  The industry is not easy.  In fact, it is very competitive.  If one is not the best, there will be someone better.  Bad habits will just translate to a nuisance and holdback over time.  As Bourouh put it in his own words, “you can’t bring bad habits into this industry because it’s very cut-throat and is 10x harder than what most are doing.”  Some aspiring entrepreneurs believe that they can make a seamless switch between a traditional nine to five job layout to an entrepreneur without much change to their habits.  Bourouh insists that that is not the case.  If one hopes to make any strides with their pursuits, one’s habits need to be seriously evaluated.  Otherwise one can most likely expect to end up in a phase that Bourouh refers to as “floating mode” where one lacks any growth and progress remains at a standstill instead of scaling up as one would hope.  

  • Be Realistic

Some aspiring entrepreneurs are dazzled by the idea of entrepreneurship due to a false pretense of it.  They mistakenly see it as a get-rich-quick scheme where one works less but earns a lot more.  As Bourouh reveals, that is actually the exact opposite of how it actually is, “you work more and make less.”  If one thinks anything besides that then they are in for one heck of a “rude awakening” as Bourouh calls it.

  • “Remove All of the BS”

The easiest thing one can do to boost progress as Bourouh suggests is to eliminate stress or in his exact words, “remove all of the BS”.  Pursuing entrepreneurship in itself carries a huge weight in an entrepreneur’s life and one’s focus, engagement, dedication, and commitment needs to be on par.  For that reason, before taking on more stress, it is important to cut down other stress factors that are in one’s scope to the best of their ability.

Seeing all of the success that Jem Bourouh has managed to manifest into fruition at such a young age, it does not come as a surprise that he has a lot of gems to drop.  To keep up with Bourouh and all of his future endeavors, follow his social media handles: YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram

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