At The Pinnacle Of The Aesthetic Industry

Elizabeth Sommers is the go-to aesthetic nurse for all prestigious clients in California. With 17 years of experience, the empathic professional knows exactly what her patients are looking for. And is now looking to share that knowledge with others.

There’s an erudite in the aesthetic medicine industry who consistently strives to absorb knowledge. She works to improve her methodologies and progress with the modern practices to stay ahead in the field. Her resilience and ambitions have distinguished her within the top 1% aesthetic injectors in the USA. With seemingly complete mastery over her trade, the ambitious beauty nurse now aims to spread her knowledge across the globe with personalized teaching plans. Who’s this dynamic personality?

A Young Girl From New Mexico

The story starts in New Mexico, Sommers was a fifteen-year-old girl visiting the hospital as her brother was born. She stayed in the hospital for over a month, where she witnessed the expertise of several doctors and nurses expertise. The short time spent in that hospital shaped her future as she set her goal to be a medical professional.

The young talent also had a knack for arts. She admired the beauty and wanted to do something related to it. However, instead of clashing and choosing between science or arts, she decided to mix them. As a result, she found her passion for aesthetic medicine. 

A Commitment To Excellence 

The beauty industry was a logical step for her. However, the striving aesthetic nurse knew that she wanted to be a specialist in the field. Thus, Sommers started building a strong foundation. To follow the dreams, the injector moved to Virginia Beach, where started the practice of aesthetic nursing.

It wasn’t just her medical qualification that helped her. The curious learner developed a habit of continuously reading books and studies to learn the latest methodologies and stay ahead. Her firm belief that aesthetic injection is art has led her to explore her creativity. 

The Prominence Of Recognition

The aspiring aesthetic professional had an aim to become a trainer for Allergan. It took her seven years of practice to become part of the giant in injectable medicine. By the 8th year, she was also a part of Galderma as a trainer. These achievements pushed her to be among the top 1% aesthetic injectors in the industry.

Along with these achievements came opportunities to work with the most talented and achieved experts in the field. It enabled the brilliant aesthetician to excel in her skillset. Furthermore, the scholar nurse was able to bestow her knowledge to the young and rising aesthetic talents. 

The master of aesthetics received a premier account for Revance. It is an exclusive hyaluronic acid filler only a few get permission for. Ms. Sommers has also completed her Bachelor Of Science in Nursing. Now, she’s on her way to becoming a licensed nurse to provide world-class personalized treatment in Skin365. 

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