Pinar & Songul of MagniSkin – International Entrepreneurs

It was the dream of two sisters who left the corporate business world to become international entrepreneurs when they established MagniSkin salon in the summer of 2019. Now they and their team travel around the world to offer a new era of facial and body technology to clients that include music artists, influencers, and reality tv stars. They have seen their dream come to life as they work every day to help women feel comfortable and confident in their skin. The sky is the limit for these two as they continue creating content and marketing, along with an academy to help train aspiring beauticians in today’s fast-paced field.

Why Entrepreneurs in Skincare?

Both sisters went to university, one for a career in teaching and the other in the business industry as a project manager. When asked how they ended up launching a successful salon in 2019, the answer is pretty straightforward. After a few years in the corporate world, they realized that it was not the profession they wanted to progress in and that they wanted to follow their passions and dreams. That dream became a reality as they built their own salon with the latest technology in the industry to offer their clients facial and body enhancement magic. MagniSkin’s clinic delivers the most effective, sought-after treatments with inimitable results, all in a calm and tranquil setting. They have garnered a following of facial obsessives.

What Challenges Do You Face?

The dynamic duo loves being business owners and loves what they do, but they do admit there are challenges to being entrepreneurs. They state that working for themselves means they work 24/7. Whether thinking of new ideas and helping to support the brand, the process of making their dreams into reality means they never really stop. On top of performing treatments, they do administrative work, social media management, manage their website, and process the orders and book appointments. If that wasn’t enough, they have their academy, where they provide courses to women who are starting their journeys as beauticians. For all the challenges that they face, their success is evident in the long list of loyal clients that they are acquired. 

Is There Any Downtime?

They confess that their lives ultimately revolve around MagniSkin. Still, when they have time to spare, they enjoy going out to dinner and spending time with their loved ones, who describe them as charismatic, spontaneous, and thoughtful. Shopping is their guilty pleasure, and when asked to describe a perfect London day, it includes shopping in Harrod’s and finishing the day with cake from Café Lettos. With all that hard work they are doing to succeed in their spa, the cake seems to be in order. At home, the sisters like to spend time pampering themselves and their skin by doing regular face masks, having herbal teas, and eating fresh fruits. 

How to Follow MagniSkin Online

If you want to check out this London spa or book an appointment for one of their fantastic services, you can visit them at their website, where they have a list of services they offer. You can also learn about their Magni Academy, which has courses on different topics, including dermaplaning, stretch marks, and others. Or check them out on Instagram at to stay current on everything happening at their salon and with their brand. Their social media is full of exciting and informative content that will have you itching for an appointment in their salon where you can experience one of their amazing facials or other treatments like EmSculpt or a Brazilian Booty Lift. 

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