Trading A Strong Deck Of Cards – James Khuri

We all had them, we all traded them, and plenty of us still do – trading cards. Often starting as gaming cards, they became mainstream trends in the late 90s and never left. Today, James Khuri holds the best of them.

Ever since becoming a popular hobby in the early 1960s, trading cards of all sort of franchises have stayed in high demand. What started with sports cards, baseball legends to be precise, has turned into a ‘whatever you support there will be a trading card for it’ industry. Especially in the past couple of decades, franchises such as Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic: The Gathering, have reached incredible audiences, and established loyal fandom. In the midst of that time – FJ Holdings.

James Khuri has been the CEO of FJ Holdings for a strong 15 years. He is credited for the company’s extraordinary success, which now boasts a wide array of clients, vendors, and retailers all over the world. A true pioneer in the industry, Khuri has continuously worked to develop new distribution plans and systems, to make every retailer ready to compete, to guarantee consumers the best possible experiences.

Quality that lasts, brings success that lasts

Khuri, a true perfectionist, prides his company to deliver the highest quality trading cards on the market. Extra inventions, that pay off – quality always does. The company manufactures a full line of trading cards, including hardcover cases that protect the cards. It also manufactures pages with inserts that hold trading cards. These are only some of the many accessories and licensed merchandise that FJ Holdings supply.

They have partnered with a number of different manufacturers located all over the world, ensuring quality and a smooth dynamic supply chain.

Khuri has navigated FJ Holdings into a reigning position in the industry, gaining exclusive collaborations with e-commerce giants Amazon & Walmart. Looking ahead, the Los Angeles based successor seems to hold a deck of cards that bring confidence.

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