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The Many Talents of Altin Bodini

Altin Bodini has quite the impressive resume to say the least and it keeps getting longer. If you do recognize the name it’s clear to see why! This busy man doesn’t appear to has stopped since he was able to speak (maybe even before then).

In this article we give honourable mentions to all of his ventures and a little information on each one.


Altin first caught the creative bug through acting at an early age. He stuck with it when in 2015 he was offered his first film role. It would only be a matter of a year until he would star in some of the biggest Albanian films of the time!

His notable film roles include: “Elvis Walks Home”, “Balkan Blood” and “Una”.

In 2016, he branched into T.V with his role in “Fuoco Amico”. This show would prove his bilingual abilities often speaking English!


Bodini has also turned his hand to business ventures including his wildly successful media publishing company that focusses on social media marketing. Alles Talent is one of leaders in the industry dealing with a plethora of high-profile pages. The company services page owners and celebrities with a combined 402 million Facebook fans and 10 million Instagram followers. For his clients, he is able to generate around 1 billion video views per month!

These numbers are impressive to say the company was opened 6 years ago.

…and you thought you were busy.


YouTube has become a fantastic source of income for people motivated enough to see it through. Well Altin has certainly had success with his gaming channel Al Play ( ) boasting over 60k subscribers and a total of 7.5 million total views.

The income rate varies from channel to channel. But it can go all the way up to $100 per 1,000 views.

His particular genre is gaming with videos consisting of Among Us, Fortnite, Call Of Duty, and many more.

If his success streak is anything to go by, watch this space!

Tennis Player?

Yes, that’s right! If he didn’t have enough on his plate, he is a semi-pro tennis player. Altin spends most of his free time training. In fact, his past few vacations have been spent travelling to compete.


Altin is spinning plates to say the least. If his career so far is anything to go by, he is certainly one to watch. His future ambitions aim towards directing as well as acting.

Not only this, he is currently working on a new talent agency to help young struggling actors find their way in the business. If any of his many talents rub off, you won’t go far wrong with Altin’s agency!

Remember this name…you may just see it more and more…

Not only that, you can follow his journey yourself.

You can subscribe to his channel and socials here:


Instagram: @altin.bodini


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