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The Man Behind The eCommerce Brand Building Miracle – Goh Rong Yao

All throughout his life, Goh Rong Yao has wished to help those in need of help to the best of his abilities – and not even the furious storms of 2020 can stop him from thriving and lending a helping hand.

Brand Scaling – Company Eat Company World Out There

Starting his marvellous eCommerce journey this year – which is the most unforgiving for businesses, as we all know – Goh Rong Yao has applied his knowledge and skills all for the sake of helping struggling fellow entrepreneurs hatch out of their digital eggs and reach for the digital stars of eCommerce.

Unlike many of the failing businesses which 2020 has savagely dragged down into the market equivalent of the Mariana Trench, Goh Rong Yao’s kind and incredibly helpful business has thrived in the currently hostile and toxic environment. Even if all his competitors are tripping over themselves to try and reach absolutely everyone they can on all platforms, Rong Yao has been able to relax – in comparison with his adversaries – while also bringing in a myriad of clients and bringing their beloved digital businesses from the ground up to the height of the tallest digital skyscrapers!

Growing Brands One Step At A Time – Patience Is Key

One of his many keys to doing such a marvellous job is to be able to “have patience when strategizing for a new business” – words of wisdom coming from Rong Yao himself. His strategies are based in common sense, and have a refined yet consistently innovative touch of good strength of character, a high self-demand for success, all topped off with a nice layer of ingenuity.

He may not have the old age of some of his competitors, but he sure does possess double their wits combined.

eCommerce And Its Implications – Needle In A Haystack

Goh Rong Yao is a very respectable man overall – energetic, well-meaning, helpful, and enthusiastic. And yet, the world of eCommerce can be a cold, dark place for many entrepreneurs such as Rong Yao and his clients – and yet this ‘needle’ has managed to shine within the haystack it sat in and attract the attention of a number of its undoubtedly fortunate customers.

In order to succeed in such an environment, Rong Yao has had to surpass many hurdles among the way – and he’s managed to ultimately not only pass them, but turn them around on their heads and twist them in a pretty loop of his liking! As Rong Yao has said, “eCommerce, while challenging at times, can be the most rewarding industry”, and by the heavens was he right! Not only does the industry itself offer a ridiculously high amount of opportunities, but it also allows benevolents such as Rong Yao to help struggling startups – which is, in reality, one of the most rewarding things of our digital age.

A Picture Of Goh Rong Yao – In Regards To Motivation And Good Character

When asked what keeps him motivated every single day, Goh Rong Yao has answered that the main thing which gives him the push he needs day after day would be the knowledge of the numerous opportunities he has to help others – be it improving the lives of the entrepreneurs he’s nourishing with his unbeatable skillset, or even just improving the end-user’s life by increasing the visibility said user may have been looking for.

Although it isn’t always “sunshine and rainbows”, Rong Yao is able to clear up the skies and deliver quality, along with efficiency and uniqueness, to both his clients AND their end users – what more could you want? Follow him on Instagram at @gohrongyao

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