The Last Second Save Meets The Dangerous Summer… For The Summer

The Last Second Save Meets The Dangerous Summer… For The Summer

On June 17th, The Last Second Save released a new track called Miss Me When featuring another pop punk legend named AJ Perdomo (The Dangerous Summer).  This track basically sums up the ‘growing up’ story.  From being a kid playing baseball in the yard, listening to music in your childhood home to packing your bags and moving away to college this track really hits all the high points of the transition to adulthood.  It’s hard not to feel that the journey is related to all of us not just Jesse (The Last Second Save).  

Jesse’s verses get the story started but AJ’s bridge/final chorus really send everything home with his classic TDS voice and tone.  AJ’s bridge part feels like a testament to the struggles of being on tour and being away from family on the road.  AJ’s closing segment is the final chorus which really brings the entire song to a somber/nostalgic close.  

With The Dangerous Summer hitting the tour roads this year, this song comes in at a perfect time to get us excited for their reunion run.  The Last Second Save is an up and coming pop punk band out of Maryland with extensive pop punk clout on social media and now starting up their own live shows.  I hope you’ll look at their song lineup so far, they really know have honed in on that pop punk/emo feel.   Check out either band if they’re in your area, you won’t be disappointed.  

This song was made for this summer!

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