PremiumAds Founder Stepan Talabira Tells his Success Story

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Stepan Talabira knows what it’s like to fail. This is a surprising statement coming from an entrepreneur who is directly responsible for founding multiple companies, mentoring thousands of people, and building smart technology with his bare hands long before “smart devices” were even a thing. But Stepan claims that failure is what made him who he is today, and that we should all learn to fail a little bit more; and not just fail, but fail smarter.


Stepan is, first and foremost, an entrepreneur. He likes to experiment, and play around with new ideas. As a teen, he taught himself programming and practiced it everywhere: on the bus, on paper, on the computer. He wrote code any chance he could – and this was in the early 2000s, before the rise of high-speed technology and smartphones.

As an adult, Stepan has used his interest in mathematics and advertising to found multiple web design and marketing companies, utilizing his talents in advertising, math, and programming. He has garnered a following of thousands of fans, and founded the company Premiumads in 2017, which is responsible for helping small businesses get to what he likes to call “the Next Level.”

Learning How to Fail

However, not all of Stepan’s “experiments” have turned into profitable enterprises. He offers one primary tip for up and coming entrepreneurs: “You have to fail, and you have to fail often,” he says. “You have to learn all there is from each failure.” To Stepan, mistakes are a good thing: they show you where you want to go, and how to be better in the future. Failures make you a better person, and a better entrepreneur. Without failure, you won’t learn how to continue making yourself, and the world around you, a better place. Many of his successes were born out of a multitude of failures.

Success is a Process

Stepan believes that every minute of every day should be spent productively – not necessarily spent working, but spent productively and efficiently. He is constantly working toward making everything more efficient, which is reflected both in his daily routine as well as his career approach of developing AI algorithms that make marketing easier for small businesses. This time maximization, however, is a work in progress that is always evolving; as we should be, as well. It comes from lots of trial and error – and with quite a bit of error. “Try not to live in the past,” Stepan advises. “It doesn’t matter what yesterday was…the main thing is that each day gives you the opportunity for new successes.” The point is to always be working on yourself, bettering your skills, and increasing your knowledge…all of which come from frequent failures.


If Stepan Talabira wants to leave young entrepreneurs with one piece of advice, it’s this: don’t let fear of failure stop you from continuing to strive toward your goals. You will likely experience many failures in the process of becoming an entrepreneur. This is okay; learn from them, and use them to grow both yourself and your business. Don’t live in the past. It took him a multitude of mistakes and failures when creating and developing his businesses to get to where he is today. The point is to keep pushing forward.

If you want more advice on how to succeed as an entrepreneur, Stepan Talabira is an excellent role model. You can follow him on social media here:

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