All smiles - Abraham has made a name for himself in the European influence scene.

Passion Turned Career – Abraham Adegeye Inspires To Focus On What You Enjoy Most

The charismatic creative from Vienna turned his passion into a full time job – to his own surprise. But he has more goals for the future.

Meet Abraham Adegeye, 24 years old from Vienna, Austria. He is known as Abrahamdailydosis on his social media channels. The handsome young man is what we would call an influencer, specifically a fashion influencer and has been a part of several campaigns featured on TV and other areas of the media.

As a teenager, Abraham realized he liked fashion and photography. He used to upload images of outfits he was wearing on his Instagram account, at first more for his enjoyment as a hobby. Bur over time he reached a more professional level and the quality of the pics improved. Also, a good social following under his character ‘‘Abrahamdailydosis” has been built up where he brands himself this way on several social platforms.

Whilst sharing the photos Abraham attempts to allow people to see a bit more of the man behind the pics, to provide an insight into his life and mind. Abraham wants to be a source of inspiration for others and carefully puts together blog posts that showcase his work, whilst letting the reader understand a bit more about who he is on a personal level. He never expected the photos to reach a professional-grade until it happened around 4 years ago. Since reaching that stage he has worked with big brands such as H&M, Gant, Pacsun and Converse to name just a few.

Styling and photography turned from passion to paying the bills for Abraham Adegeye.

Looking to the future, Abraham wants to work more with higher-end designer brands and even stylists, concentrating further on the modelling side of things. Interest has also been shown crossing over to other areas of media such as TV or film, although he points out that he is only interested in well-made productions, so does not want to just put his name on anything! He also would not mind seeing himself in a few more magazines and although he could not imagine himself part of a reality show currently,  ‘who knows’ what the future holds is his response along with ”never say never.”

The fashion and photography industry is a competitive one, with many people attempting to get their name out there, especially since the rise of Instagram. As Abraham admits there are always new people coming into the game, keeping him on his toes if he wants to stand out in a crowded section of the internet. But, the way forward, our influencer tells us, is to make sure to stay unique whilst trying to be up to date. His main intention remains to inspire and so continues to put that above selling aspects.

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