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Miss Cindy Tran is Naturally Fabulous

Who is Miss Cindy?

Miss Cindy, otherwise known as Cindy Tran is one of the leading health and fitness gurus. Her no nonsense, no fakery, no dishonesty – just pure, authentic, fitness, has captivated her 900 k social media following. On a deeper level, she is a success story, a motivator and an inspiration who let’s her three core values build her business in an authentic way, along with a lot of hard work. Cindy Tran is the face if health, positivity and security.

What Miss Cindy does

When Miss Cindy Tran began her journey, she had just been offered the Obama scholarship to study at Arizona State University in 2017. Her heart was set on her passion for fitness though. Because of this desire she took on her transformation journey. Yet this was not alone. Cindy Tran shared her entire story with the public and it soon took her from an accountable work out woman to a full-time entrepreneur. Now, she continues to work out daily, as well as enjoying adventures with her friends, chilling with her dogs and making a living from sharing it all. She also markets the products that she uses on her website so that others can embrace her lifestyle too.

Who is Cindy at the core?

Much like her public profile, Cindy is a genuine person with a “what you see is what you get” outlook, which is something many big stars cannot claim to be. In fact, her ability to stay real even through the lens of a camera is something she prides herself off. What fans are getting is the all-natural Cindy Tran, inside and out. She does work out every day, hasn’t had any work done, has a strong work ethic, and even more to her credit, hasn’t forgotten where she came from. What you may not know about her Miami life, is that her father is her hero.


Cindy wants to motivate everyone who sees her, whether that is on YouTube or Instagram, her website or her Facebook, to do what she did: to follow in her fitness footsteps but while retaining the most important thing they have, their own unique identity. Just as she has built her brand, she encourages others to be their own body-beautiful, body-confident brand, totally comfortable in their own skin.

Where next?

Like the next level incline on a treadmill, the only way Miss Cindy is planning on going is up. She currently resides in Miami with her gorgeous dogs and has developed a love for water. However, there may be another love developing in the future, as Cindy is excited to one day become a mother. Her love of fitness will not end there though as she plans to keep up the body, and bring other mothers along with her.


Cindy is an inspiration to every woman (and man) who wants to love the way they feel in their own skin. Those who are ready to start their own journey or give it a jump start can see her over on her Instagram at @misscindyy

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