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Men’s Grooming Guru, Charlie McCoy on becoming the new John Paul Mitchell

When Charlie McCoy first arrived in NYC over 15 years ago, he didn’t expect to embark on a journey that would lead him to where he is today. With the number of accomplishments that Charlie McCoy has had racked up over the years, it could be easy to assume that he joined the game with a head start, which couldn’t be any further from the truth.

Unfortunately born into adversity, this powerhouse not only had to face what it means to be Black in a world where racial injustice remains rampant but also had to deal with the implications of being born into a religion disconnected from the rest of the world. Charlie would spends years traveling the world, visiting 30 countries in 15 years to discover himself and what he could accomplish by learning the market and honing his craft.

As a Master Barber who has spent over 20 years working in the industry including 5 years with L’Oreal’s Kiehl’s Since 1851 before venturing out on his own, he was able to hit the ground running a few years ago in 2017 by taking his most loyal clients with him as stakeholders in his business ventures. Over the past four years, Charlie has opened up two brick-and-mortar businesses in Manhattan and begun a venture into e-commerce with his latest brand, Duke & Hyde, which he acquired from Europe. Besides running a barbershop called Artisan Barber and a salon named Orchard & Ludlow, Charlie has been hard at work on his new business venture, Artisan Luxury Brands, which is a consumer goods company functioning as the parent company to Artisan Barber, Orchard & Ludlow, and his two other new brands called Blu Amber Cosmetics and the recently acquired Duke&Hyde Grooming.

Charlie’s years as a connoisseur in the world of Men’s Life Stye and Grooming along years of product knowledge set up to create the luxury hair, shave, skin and beauty products for everyday Americans and Global Citizens who prioritize quality design and ingredients. Artisan Luxury Brands’ verticals consist of fifteen lines of revenue as well as five separate businesses that operate in New York City, Miami and Chicago with global sales. Using Culture to enhance these marketing channels and promote goodwill towards all the brands and the verticals is the name of the Alux Brands game. ” I believe in leveraging agencies that align with our ethos while internally, having cross-functional, multi-disciplined teams along with strategic collaborations and brand partnerships to growth an enterprise” says Charlie. He believes this is how companies will grow moving forward and this is how is able to join the rank of such industry business titans, like the legendary John Paul Mitchell.

You can head over to Artisan Luxury Brands to learn more about Charlie and his thriving businesses.

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