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Meet Anthony Nuara, Co-Founder of Amazon Freedom

Co-Founder of Amazon Freedom and several other companies, Anthony Nuara, have achieved a mass amount of success from a small investment at the age of twenty-five. Over the years, he has learned the value of sales and investing in people, even helping them reach their goals. In a recent interview, Anthony Nuara shared a little bit about his past, the lessons he has learned, and offered his services to young entrepreneurs who also want to have the same success that he does someday.

Anthony Nuara is a shining example of success for millions of aspiring entrepreneurs around the world. Even amid the pandemic in 2020, Nuara had his best year yet. He is the CEO and founder of Freedom Power Solutions, Freedom Investing, and Freedom Water. He also is co-founder of Amazon Freedom, an Amazon automation company that he runs with Lou Albanese.  

Over the years, Nuara has created multiple eight to nine-figure companies in various industries ranging from solar energy to Amazon automation. He was part owner in a business when he turned twenty-one, but he dove deep into the sales industry at the age of twenty-five. Even as a young adult, he has amassed a significant amount of success and hopes he inspires others to follow the same path or one of their entrepreneurial creation.

Early in his life, he saw the potential of sales as a career path. When he was twenty-five, he was involved in door-to-door sales, which is notoriously tricky. Still, with hard work and perseverance, Nuara secured $1,000 in his bank account, and that was all he needed to embark on the next step that would change his life forever. With that small investment, everything else aligned, and he created his companies, one by one.  

He has since turned that money in multiple millions at the ripe age of thirty-one years old with one significant risk at that time. He is one of the most significant inspiration sources for younger adults who want to have freedom of time and money. Nuara is one of the people who help others see that taking risks leads to these significant opportunities and rewards.  

One can attribute some of the keys to Nuara’s success to his habits. He is an avid reader and makes sure always to be educating himself, even on topics he is not very familiar with. Additionally, he’s “all or nothing” with what he commits to. Either he is in, or he is out. He credits this with much of his success with the businesses he has helped to start. Additionally, he enjoys attacking opportunities rather than waiting for something to appear. Nuara would instead work hard then wait for something to find him later.

Now, Nuara’s future goals have expanded beyond what he originally had planned for himself. He hopes to start a real estate hedge fund with the capital that he has gained thus far. He also hopes to continue to help others along their success journeys, which is the most crucial aspect of his business.

He continually believes in himself, and one of the most important qualities he believes has led to his success is developing a growth mindset. He has attributed this to his success. His goal is always to invest more than money into those around him. Giving back allows him to truly make a significant change in people’s lives that stretches beyond their financial gains from his communities and companies.  

Nuara is always available for advice and questions on his social media accounts. He is currently active on Facebook and Instagram and is welcome to any questions that aspiring young entrepreneurs might have for him. 

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