Looking To Start A Career In Social Media Marketing? Learn From Industry Elite Rei Prendi

Plenty of fish in the sea, right? Be sure, there’s some streams, you shouldn’t follow, and the sharks are always close by too. Today we’re presenting someone who deserves the label ‘inspiration’ for everyone coming into the industry. 

The industry has a very mixed reputation. Plenty of opportunity for talented newcomers to quickly built up a brand for their own, has made the branch more interesting than the real estate market in the last years. But the trend and development brings plenty of opportunist and semi-professionals into the market too. For clients, the jungle of endless offers, one praising their services louder than the other, is hard to overlook. 

All the numbers, names, variables, this seems too abstract. Didn’t marketing start with emotions? The feelings and needs of the consumers?
How to combine all this with the abstract nature of algorithms, numbers of likes, shares, reaches?

The 24-year old Albanian marketing genius Rei Prendi did some true pioneer work in the industry. The rather rational and numeral part of his business comes natural to the young successor, that started coding himself into a career after having his personal Facebook profile hacked as a teenager. 8 years after launching Elektronika.al, his own social media agency, Prendi and his team are responsible for more than 1000 clients. 

The Perks Of A Globalized Industry

Located all over the world, the top profile companies and individuals trust Prendi fully with their digital branding. A trust, that is built upon a mix of expertise and empathy. Hard skills meet soft skills, both building the foundation to success hand in hand. 

Clients feel understood when you listen to their needs and offer tailored solutions to their individual issues and situations. The same level of trust and confidence is built when Rei Prendi breaks down the insights and structures of social media platform operations. The network of media, brands and consumers across Instagram, Facebook & Youtube can appear confusing, overwhelming or foreign. Rei Prendi often takes the spot of the translator, making sure the clients are always aware of the next steps, and the reasons behind them. 

Long term success with reputable clients takes me than just talent. It takes the understanding and willingness to continuously improve on knowledge, expertise and ‘people skills’. Young entrepreneurs looking to put their foot in the industry should have a look at Rei Prendi, and learn from the best.

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