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Living the Digital Entrepreneurs Dream with Shailen Vandeyar

How this New Zealand based entrepreneur and digital media mogul is taking the social media world by storm.

It is an interesting world we’re living in. Today, we have the ability to simply go and buy a phone, and have the whole world at the tip of our fingertips. Children are growing up without knowledge of what the world was before the internet, and the possibilities are truly endless. Marketing has shifted from something that was once entirely paper-based, through catalogues and mail-order forms, into a whole universe of opportunity. Influencers are more common than not, and the amount of money being channelled through social media is incredibly vast. There has never been a technological advancement that has changed our lives so quickly and dramatically as social media, and the competition is becoming rife.

What is certain is that it takes a certain type of personality to pave an immensely successful route through the intense and occasionally overwhelming world of social media and digital media curation. One person who’s doing it incredibly well is Shailen Vandeyar. Since starting his TikTok account, @Laugh, in 2019, though hard work and dedication has grown its following to 1.2 million, and its likes to 50 million, an almost incomprehensible number. People subscribe to brands that ignite some kind of spark inside of them, and it’s clear that Vandeyar has impressively capitalized on this human instinct. He has become a master at digital media curation, and it’s not uncommon to see videos with over a couple million likes on his feed.

Hone Your Skills

But how did he get to this point? Throughout his studies at Auckland University, Vandeyar was always intensely interested in the digital media sphere. He gained success instantly through starting an E-commerce company, named ‘GardgetsYouNeed’, and built his knowledge on all things E-commerce and tech. This debut success awarded him the drive to go on to study marketing and digital media tactics, and he quickly acclimatized to his new interests and learn all there was to know. He realized that in the ever-growing world of technology and social media, marketing strategies are always developing and changing, and businesses are constantly looking for an expert and wealth of knowledge in the subject.

Build on Your Success

Since this realization, Vandeyar has launched his own full-scope digital media consultancy firm, VG Media, where he helps navigate the ever-changing digital marketing landscape for brands, media houses and content creators around the world. He is a true example of an online digital expert and entrepreneur, and has found growing success with his firm, even managing some huge names such as Neil Henry (@theneilhenry), Michael Fallon (@michael_fallon_), Marty and Michael (@martyandmichael) and Jimi Jackson (@jimisworld). He is known to have the largest influencer network across Australasia across multiple platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.

So what is VG Media’s goal? Navigating the world of multiple-channel social media and influencer marketing is a tough one. The strategies and processes for monetization are always changing and developing, and it can be tough to know what route to take or how to proceed to ensure monetization. Having an expert on your side, such as Vandeyar, is a sure-fire way to success. With the ultimate goal of providing opportunities for people in need, you can be sure that his top priority is to offer the best service possible.

To follow Vandeyar’s journey and keep updated with all of his future endeavours, give him a follow at or on Facebook at Shailz Vandeyar.

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