Arod is the man of the moment in Austin, after releasing an incredible debut this year.

Listen To Arod When He Tells You ‘Lend Me Your Ear’

What can we say? – What a debut! The young artist from Austin, Texas, has proven that albums still exist in 2020, with a first long player that sounds hungry yet more mature than we could have ever expected.

What a triumph! Expectations were high after Arod released his first single ‘Adolescence’ which production and flawless rap skills had everyone hopeful for a new rap sensation from the south. 

For the artist to follow up with a thirteen track album that exceeds all our expectations – chapeau! 

A few seconds into the Intro we already know that the sound of his single track was no exception or random choice. Soul samples, chopped, pitched and screwed. But trap drums. Still, not only trap drums. Oh, we really like this. 

Adolescence is also the second track on the album and shines bright after a perfect introduction. 

Arod makes it hard for us to pick a favourite, with a record that stays away from mistakes and fillers. This is an album, not a compilation of songs. It was recorded to be listened to and appreciated in full length. And still, each song has the quality of a single track. 

We can only imagine how proud the young Austin matador is in the moment, as he releases one of the strongest pieces of work we’ve been blessed with this year.

Shortly after the release of the long player the rapper teased another new track on his Instagram account, making sure we all know this is just the beginning.

Hoodie Season’ sounds dark and street, but not any less brilliant than the prior released LP. 

With the displayed work ethic, we are pretty optimistic that we won’t have to wait too long to hear more new music from Arod. And we can’t wait. 

Though for now, we let him celebrate his moment, because he deserves it. 

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