Never be afraid to fail. You cannot learn from your mistakes if you don’t make them; a vital lesson to be learned from Ishell Vaughan, an outstanding cinematographer and success-driven optimist who, despite the odds, is on the way to the top of the ladder in his craft!


A perfect mix of passion and skill is an excellent step in the direction of unstoppable success. With an Applied Science Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from DeVry University, Ishell thought to follow his dreams, which led to him becoming one of the founding members of Secret Society Motion Pictures and, ultimately, the birth of his brand Ishell Vaughan Films. 

With significant expertise in the world of cinematography and filmmaking, Ishell has often sought-after knowledge, constantly maintaining a positive mindset towards learning and personal development. This winning strategy has not only earned him popularity in his field but has also driven his company to become a leading media and entertainment brand, shooting and operating production-level drones for commercials, stock footage, and short films. 

Faced with several challenges as an amateur photographer, Ishell remained fearless in his quest to claim the price. His most valuable lesson learned remains to kill fear even in the face of failure because you can never truly learn from mistakes if you’re too scared to fail.


With immaculate attention to detail, Ishell maintains a unique persona by striving to be different in his craft, allowing a natural flow of inspiration. With his filmmaking skills comes an unequaled capacity to create and capture moments of unforgettable action and bring scripts to life in a homogeneous mix of photography, film, and cinematography.

Displaying a stroke of genius through significant contributions to the entertainment industry has made him a pacesetter among his competitors in the filmmaking industry, discerning the needs of his clientele in every project.

With client satisfaction as his primary goal, Ishell persistently strives to discover more innovative ways to optimize his skill offerings and displays distinctive problem-solving and management skills to continually attain perfection.


Having attained and recorded remarkable achievements and accolades in his industry of expertise, Ishell advises up-and-coming youngsters to stay driven, keep going, and never stop for anything or anyone until the ultimate goal is achieved. He constantly opines that taking the ultimate risk will bring the ultimate result, with his favorite quote of all time, “No Risk No Rarri,” crested at the frontline of his thoughts. 

Among all notable awards and significant achievements include his partnership with notable artists like Akon, French Montana, Bobby Shmurda, etc., and renowned brands and companies like BMW of North America, BET, GQ Magazine, MTV, Lamborghini, VH1, and so on. This alliance has earned him several awards, including winning the Newark Film Festival and the first-place award for his short film “something in the water” with his partner Nimi Handrix.

In his quest to support and give back to the community, Ishell’s company runs a subsidiary called The Raw Sessions, which is aimed at capturing the contents of upcoming artists and sharing it with the world, thereby offering them an opportunity to shine and hone their talents in the extremely competitive entertainment space. 

To know about this interesting individual, check out his social media space:

Instagram: @ishell.raw



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