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Introducing Maxime Hinnekens, A Serial Business Owner From Belgium

It is always easier to start something when you know that this is your biggest passion. Maxime Hinnekens was sure about his career path when he was only 15. Now, he is managing three companies and ,during the pandemic time, he earned six figures on a single option trade. Let’s see his story and learn how to become successful at a very young age.

The starting point of Maxime’s career 

Maxime Hinnekens was only 15 when he bought his first bitcoin. This was the moment when he knew the path he was going to follow. Originally from Belgium, at 18 he traveled abroad to expand his expertise and to make a reputation in the big boys’ industry. He enrolled in a private university and as a student, he attended various conferences on crypto-economics. Maxime is a social guy and this definitely helped him a lot to grow his connections and network. He was never shy to approach new clients and to discuss his ideas. 

The crucial point of his journey

We are all aware that with hard work, everything is possible. Maxime Hinnekens did his part and prepared to enter a whole new world of business. An important step on the way was a result of his previous work, actually. Big names in the industry remarked on his ideas and wanted to work on new projects with him. 

After getting more recognized in the DLT industry for my work and ideas I was offered to help create IBERIAN. As IBERIAN works closely with the big players in this particular industry, I decided to start climbing up the ladder with IBERIAN. I am responsible to aid in the research and development of the solution we are trying to create. On top of that, I network and establish beneficial long-term relationships with private banks, regulators, and other DLT companies. On the side, I also help with the financial strategy and planning.

Iberian is a London based company focused on a vast variety of Crypto Projects, from developing software to creating self-growing investment funds. The whole story started when Maxime Hinnekens was only 18. He was approached by ex-presidential candidate of Iceland, Thor Magnusson who requested his help in designing a blockchain project for his real estate business. As a result, Maxime’s work was really appreciated by Juan Antonio who offered Maxime the opportunity to help co-founding Iberian. As Maxime is the guy who always takes an opportunity, he gladly accepted the offer. After this project, he is the one who gets invited to conferences for free. What an amazing journey! 

Present achievements and future goals

At the moment, Maxime is focused on growing his business as well as investing time in new ideas and projects. He is currently managing three companies and in his free time, he spends hours on stock trading. With an enormous success in options trading, Maxime is determined to work hard and become the person who will make a difference in this world. He would like to develop the idea of improving the distribution of food in third world countries. When comes to personal goals, he would like to own a supercar one day and also to have enough not to think of the price when he wants to buy something. 

Maxime’s journey is portrayed on his Facebook page, take a look here:

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