How MLB Prospect Landon Bonneville Already Secured Superstar Status

He’s only 17 years old but his pro baseball career is in touching distance. Landon Bonneville has already completed significant career moves to secure a successful future.

The average 17-year-old will likely be spending most of their free time hanging out with their high school friends, perhaps planning the next big get together. Then there is school life which likely revolves around studying, or thinking about how to fit the studying in! Some of you may have spent time considering your future, and it is fully understandable if at this age you are not completely sure what you want to be doing for your full-time career. Some people, however, have already reached their career path at an early age, such as 17-year-old Landon Bonneville.

This talented baseball player is very close to making it on a professional level, and he does not doubt that he is going to be playing a World Series game in the future. What helps is that he is a highly motivated and hard-working teen, helping to break the stereotype against young players. After all the stats speak for themselves, with Landon already securing 3x Team-USA appearances, and he is currently making waves as a catcher and right-handed pitcher for the Western Branch Thunder. He has already attracted a lot of sponsors, hundreds in fact, that include big names such as Body Armour.

And he knows how to play the social media game, too. He captivates over a million followers across all his social media channels so fans can always see what big breaks are heading his way. A lot of promising talent has a role model or some form of inspiration behind them and in Landon’s case, it is MLB star Trevor Bauer.

As talented as this young man is on the pitch, he is even managing to explore other venues outside of sports. Bonneville has a passion for music and has studied sound engineering, even making a shadow appearance whilst learning from the hit band Bastille’s sound engineer, during their live shows. He is keen to work in the studio being in charge of the switches one day, something that he could hopefully juggle around his baseball career.

But for now, he is putting everything into his game, as he says in his own words he wants to “pay back his parents everything that they invested in him.

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