Fanboys Marketplace

The Fanboys Marketplace Providing a Hub for Every Kid and Kid at Heart

Toys mark a season in life where people are more playful and more carefree. Toys represent one’s childhood. As time flies by, we lose that desire to play with toys. However, the truth is that there is a kid in every adult, and some adults are looking for a place to relive childhood memories with their iconic toys. Fanboys Marketplace is the destination for kids and kid-at-heart looking to meet legendary comic book characters. 

The ​​Fanboys Marketplace is an award-winning toy store in Texas bringing one-of-a-kind merchandise to a whole array of fandoms across the genre board. The store also brings to the world the most influential comic book characters and creators that have come, gone, and remained in the hearts of avid fans. From time to time, the place has also become the main venue for meet-ups and signings with writers, creators, and artists from the Comics world. Currently, the shop has two locations— in Dallas/Fort Worth at 6385 Camp Bowie Blvd and Denton in Golden Triangle Mall.

The Fanboys Marketplace, like some businesses, was born due to the pandemic. Cowtown Events, now known as Fanboys since 2015, has done several local events, from Craft Fairs to contact sports like Karate and MMA. There were also car shows and conventions through Dallas/Fort worth. One of their company highlights is holding the Combative Sports Expo, the first MMA convention in Texas, back in 2009. They also went to places outside Dallas and Fort Worth, such as Phoenix, Arizona; Toronto, Canada; Sydney, Australia; Portland, Oregon; and Johannesburg, South Africa. But in 2020, the year they lined up 25 shows worldwide, Coronavirus hit, and The Fanboys Marketplace is the good that came out of an awful situation. 

The Fanboys Marketplace is also known for collaborating with well-known companies and franchises like CrunchyRoll, Dragon Ball Z and Power Rangers. 

Fanboys Marketplace is an ideal avenue to display your merchandise with the hopes of reaching new customers because aside from having a solid track record of holding various events, they stand out because of the unique perks they offer their customers. For example, they offer free comics for students who have exceptional grades. All they have to do is bring their report card and visit their Fort Worth location. Students will receive one free comic for every subject they have earned an A, A-, or A+, B, or Satisfactory mark.

Fanboys Marketplace also wants to provide people with opportunities to earn an income by joining and becoming one of their vendors. Exciting benefits await those who will become their vendors. The marketplace also has a rewards program that grants exclusive benefits to its members. In addition, it is free to join them and assures members that they will not spam their emails.

Fanboys Marketplace also buys collectibles from collectors. The collectibles they collect can include old comics, toys, trading cards, Funko Pops, and other collectibles. Collectors can bring them to any participating location to make extra money. They just have to notify ahead of time any participating location to let them know you will be dropping off your items. All items are safely stored and locked. Fanboys Magazine will notify the buyers once the items are up for sale. The Fanboys Marketplace hopes to continue being the primary destination for collectors who want to buy or sell iconic merchandise.

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