Celebrities Put Their Hopes On Charity Currency DeezNuts

The Tampa Bay wide receiver is the latest of a list of celebrities to go public about investing in the cancer-research-charity focussed crypto currency. Claiming high investments in DeezNutsCoin, the superstar joined a ensemble of reputable investors and entertainers.

Countless new coins flushing the market every week, with a majority of them not fulfilling any other purpose than a gamble. Charity coins on the other hand, have given crypto an additional appeal to attract a wider audience. In the case of DeezNuts, they are donating to cancer research organizations. A cause that welcomed some prestigious names on board, with the latest of them being none other than Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Antonio Brown.

The exceptional athlete who knows how to make headlines turned to his twitter audience to announce his investment, saying he is ‘going ALL IN on DeezNuts‘.

With the gathered attention and a strong community that actively encourages entertainers and public figures to join the band, the coin is predicted for a steady rise amongst investor’s portfolios.

We’ll have our eyes peeled for this one to come through as the next big winner, and let’s see, maybe Antonio Brown will have something else to celebrate in 2021, besides his Super Bowl trophy.

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