Business Guru Cody Iwanow is Here to Help You Grow

We hear from Cody Iwanow about how he has overcome huge difficulties in his life on the road to success.

Overcoming Adversity

Every person in the world will face adversity throughout their life.

For some, it proves to be the beginning of a downward spiral, but for others, it marks a turning point on the road to success.

It is how people respond to the difficulties that face them which determines their path.

Business guru and consultant Cody Iwanow is no stranger to adversity in his life.

He grew up without his parents and played football as he hoped to make it out that way. 

Cody played college football and ended up getting into trouble with the law.

Grow From Experiences

However, he refused to let the difficulties he encountered in his life hold him down.

Instead, he grew from those experiences and used them to his advantage as he gained strength.

Cody got past that stuff and started working for someone who is one of his mentors to this day.

Furthermore, he started his own business and has been growing ever since. The determined individual became a big business consultant, which has seen him go into businesses and 2-6x their profits.

But not only has Cody delivered huge success for himself but thanks to the growth of his business he has been able to offer jobs to people and now employs over 200 people.

Lessons Learned

He started in this business in 2016 and, of course, despite the success that he has enjoyed over the years, there have also been many lessons learned. The biggest lesson learned was to drive slow as the best things come slow and steady, with nothing worth having coming fast.

In addition, it is difficult for Cody to pick one single thing as his biggest success. But he was keen to highlight being blessed enough to have people he can trust with his life around him. That is his biggest success.

Furthermore, Cody emphatically believes that the harder work the luckier you get – and you are who you keep around you.

And he has a range of future goals and ventures as he sets his sights on achieving more in the years to come.

Cody is aiming to go into the NFT / Crypto space with a couple of big names. Furthermore, he has his attention firmly set on the road to his first $100 million.

Follow Cody on Instagram @Iwannaknow94.

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